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    Oct 2002
    i've seen reviews of the gas engined patrol. the engine layout doesn't seem to work as well as it should. in an overlander test, the patrol 4800 model was outperformed by toyota's 4.7, the range rover's bmw 4.4 and ford's 4.6. parang hindi na maganda yung i6 layout at that displacement.

    the verdict was it gave decent power to the unburdened car, but when it comes to situations where you need torque, the delivery is off.

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    Oct 2002
    i think expedition belongs in the test. it's price is spot-on with the other vehicles so there's no reason to exclude it.

    i always say engine preference is always up to a manufacturer. after they build their cars, it's up to price to determine the competition... so if ford can price the gas powered expedition at the same level that nissan prices it's diesel engined patrol, that's nissan's problem, not theirs, certainly not the consumers'.

    toyota and nissan effectively disqualified their own cars because of pricing. since the budget was set at P2M, the gas engined patrol couldn't make it (wonder how ford can price the expedition so low...) and neither could the prado or LC100 because they are still 4WD.

    you certainly can't deny their conclusion: you get a lot of truck for the buck with the expedition. so much in fact, i wonder if everyone else is overcharging or if ford is willing to sell at marginal profit margins.

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    Nov 2002
    i think ford has a special tax arrangement with the govt..binigyan sila ng mga incentives para ma entice sila mag operate dito...kaya ang baba ng presyo halos lahat ng vehicles nila...kaya noon nagka issue yan with the other manufacturers sa pagkakaalala ko...

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    Oct 2002

    sa bagay... hardly anyone gets the gas Patrol kasi, parang default choice yung 3.0TDI. it can be argued that the TB45 patrol competes better with the exped (gas engine, still under 2M), but then again, a prospective buyer won't care. tiyak na diesel yung kukunin niya kung patrol ang tinitingnan

    but i agree that other SUVs should have been included too, in particular, the Tahoe 4x2 yung prado sobrang mahal nun at 2.75M, yung musso... well, let's just say it usually doesn't even make the initial list of a prospective large SUV buyer (is it even still available?) :wink:

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    Nov 2002
    i finally got my copy this weekend ... ok din ... medyo magulo lang ang layout ngayon ... and medyo madami typos (or rather wrong picture in the wrong caption) ... pero ok pa din.

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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by ;27980
    Hi guys meron kaming 1969 mini cooper s aluminum body only 4 in the world 2 in europe 1 japan & 1 phil yung sa amin na onfirm namin noong pumunta kami sa london.Naka 3rd stage setup,straight cut trany,stroker,mini fins brake drum,all lucas pa rin.Gigay na to ng erpat ko sa akin eh my dad is a racer TAM SAN ANN & CAM BREAKERS kung hindi ninyo alam itong tean na sinabi tanong na lang niyo sa erpat ninyo kasi ito ang 1 of the best tea noon sa phil my dad compete in the first manila GP and he is also a champion in a slalom compete but i forgot the details na eh
    hehehe..nahalukay ko aluminun body! galing naman...Original na aluminum kaya ito nang inilabas sa factory?

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    Feb 2006
    Cam Wreckers po ang nick ng team... hayuf, kasali erpats nya dun...

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