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    Nov 2002
    You win some, you lose some when buying things on-line. Nice car my friend. I was also considering scion as my first car in the US but settled for a Fit instead. If you have plans on getting personalized plates why not get "IKSI" for your new baby.

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    Jun 2005
    nice scion!

    nice wheels!

    would you mind if i post the photo of your wheel in the "looking for" section?

    i would like to find the same or similar wheel trim here in the Philippines.

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    Jun 2005
    thanks guys.

    i did look at the honda fit before buying, but cant find a good deal except a white/white one for a few thousand more.

    hey atomictom, go ahead and use the pic. you may not need to look much too, these are the stock steel wheels that are common and i just added trim or beauty rings that may be easy to find as well. the key is finding a near new set of wheels (perhaps someone who bought a new car and wanting to upgrade the wheels) so the paint is still intact. if not, be ready to do a lot of cleaning and most likely painting.

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    Jun 2005
    i guess iksi will have a new owner soon. a buyer already left a check for the car.

    other recent things: alarm and keyless entry added, another headlight tinting bad job , and tightening some interior trims that reduced the rattles.

    iksi is a great city car. the buyer earlier loved the pickup it has at city speeds under 40mph. i did inform them that it will be opposite on the freeway esp beyond 70mph. the only real complaints i have is the road noise on high speeds and the stiff (sporty?) suspension.

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    Jul 2009
    so bebenta mo na sya?
    get a FIT. its cheaper now coz of our economy

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    Jun 2005
    may nag deposit na boss.

    fit is still up there with price. im keeping an eye on similar ones...maybe back to g20 or yaris or fit or is300 or z3 .

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    Good job in your business Mike. Pwede na ulit mag EB ng matikman naman yung pakanton at burger.

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    Jun 2005
    thanks arch, kita kita na ulit!!!

    im already browsing for the next one. few xa's, rio5, or accent hatchback...

    here's my latest toy thanks to a new friend's influence (right arch?): full suspension folding bike

    out of the box

    with iksi

    folded and fitted in the back, 60 seat folded

    closed, not too visible

    i think it will fit with a few adjustments for more compact folding.

    kinda sad, iksi will be transferred to the new owner tomorrow.

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    Wow, ok na ok pala Mike sa compartment mo. Lets ride na!

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    Nov 2010
    scions are always hot! haha! in my own opinion, they should bring this car back to production. :]

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