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    Jul 2006
    I thought I'd update this thread for my dad since he has a 1999 Civic SiR heavily modified but never took it to the track. We've owned it since brand new it's always been his toy. Some mods that I can think of I'll list them down:

    B16A2 modified with Civic Type R Head
    Crower Stage2 racing cams
    Portflow double springs and titanium retainers
    STR Adjustable cam gears
    Port and polished
    Skunk2 intake manifold
    AEM fuel rail and fuel regulator
    Fuel pressure regulator guage
    Hondata heatshield
    Port-matched intake manifold
    270cc RC engineering fuel injectors
    AEM pulleys
    AEM V2 cold air intake
    Type R throttle body
    Denso Iridium spark plugs
    Split-fire plug wires
    4-1 headers
    P28 programmed ECU
    HKS exhausts
    Civic Type R pistons
    Ground wires
    Front strut bar
    Innovate LM-1
    ACT 4-puck racing clutch

    Sparco Mugello steering wheel
    DC sports shift knob
    Short shifter
    Mugen shift boot
    carbon fiber cluster case
    indiglo dials
    RECARO Millenium racing seats
    Racing harness
    JDM type center console (w/o armrest)

    Carbon fiber hood
    Carbon fiber side mirrors
    Front lower lip
    Standard headlamps w/ 100/90W Philips bulbs + relay
    Trunk lip
    Custom Type-R grille


    205/50/16 Advan Neova;

    Brembo rotors
    Rear anti-sway bars
    Adjustable camber kit
    Lowering springs and shocks (not sure of the brands I forgot na but I'll ask him - hindi putol ha!)

    The latest he's added are the ACT 4-puck clutch and the shift light (indicated 8.8k rpm) obviously I never reached that engine speed so I never saw it function (except at start up/diagnosis).

    Of course here are the most recent pics... (sorry no recent engine pics)

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    Jul 2006
    Allow me to just add a few more pics. These are from his Hondashowoff account so medyo luma na...

    Sarap makipaglaro pag eto gamit ko how fast ba ang Civic SiR na stock to 100kph? Tanong ko lang kasi 6 or 7 seconds kayang kaya di pa namin na-time kasi...

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    Sep 2003
    Nice car, sir!! You forgot to add the rosary hanging from the rear view mirror to the list...hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    Nicely done! You do have a cool dad! :2thumbsup:

    Though am not loving the "CIVIC" front windshield sticker

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    Oct 2002
    I wonder how much did your dad spent on the car with all the stuff he has done on it?

    Seems to be a wonderful "toy". Too bad he doesn't use it more often.

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    Jul 2006
    Yeah that "civic" thing on the windshield is also a bit tacky for me but it's his car (believe me he's put worse stuff hehe). I guess he likes the attention it gets although when I drive it I have to act the part too

    I think he's spent around 200k na daw at the most...when I was in Manila he used it daily gamit ko yung Jazz then pag coding palit kami so nakakapaglaro din ako.

    My friend said ito ang "pambastos" niya. I was once following him home in the Jazz and my dad in this Civic when two Civics started eyeing the car maybe they were "sizing up the enemy" so to speak. Needless to say none of them made any sign or hint of it pero I'm sure they were tempted. Last year when my dad had the timing adjusted (newly installed Crower camshafts) he was testing it to see how different it was when this stock Civic (not the current gen, the one before that) raced him, or at least tried to my dad said he wasn't even trying. I tried catching up with the Jazz of course I saw the two far away with the Civic trying really hard hehe.
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    Oct 2002
    nice car! sana ganyan din erpat ko. hehehe

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    Jul 2007
    Ayus DAD mo ah! cool toy! I once owned the same car before, mine is black 2000 model kaso i had to sell it kasi it's getting old na(around 120k na yung mileage, though i was able to sell it around 400k good deal na rin and this was last 2003) medyo lumalabas na yung mga kalampag. The SiR is really a nice toy to dress up. Lakas ng engine and very addictive yung acceleration. If im not mistaken 0-100kph ng stock na SiR is around 7.1sec. I had so much fun with the SiR kaya nga laki ng mileage ko eh. Sana ilabas ng Honda yung Civic Si na 197bhp 2.0 - same model from the US kasi hanggang ngayon wala pa rin ako nakikitang model na kasing exciting ng SiR. Exception syempre yung mga Evo's and Wrx's.

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    May 2006
    Just for the record, what we have here is a rare Super SiR

    Just the right engine mods in the right places although the mods list can go on and on for some. I bet it sounds great too!

    Not a bad way to spend all that moolah on a pedigree like the SiR. I think that this particular model was one of the first out when the Si series made its debut here on our shores.

    By the way, are the Civic Type R pistons also known as Forged pistons?

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    Aug 2004
    I think all B16 pistons are forged... but I'm not sure... for sure, the Type R pistons are stronger than the stock ones, and should bump the compression for more power.

    Nice build... if I had the money, I'd do something similar. I only disagree with the Splitfire plug wires (better to have original Honda, Spoon or Mugen items) and the AEM... I'm not entirely convinced by CAIs... they do give cooler intake temps, but a well-designed shorty intake can have potentially more punch due to less kinks and restrictions in the tubing.

    Sayang, we didn't have a chance to hook up when you were here... I'd have loved to time your dad's car.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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My dad's toy - '99 SiR