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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by ocdmonochrome View Post
    Nice! 420 horses, 'nuff said. So, how is it?
    hows the performance? well if your into power and grunt this is the car for you, entering a high speed corner even with a 6 piston calipers up front is kinda twitchy. Exiting is a blast with a NA V8 AWD, steering feel is good but I'd like to feel more steering feedback. exhaust sound is wonderful specially pass 5,000rpm you can actually see people turning around looking for that wonderful sound.

    Everyday work & home driving is good, suspensions is a little bit stiff for a luxury european car but thats forgivable when you think its a performance minded 4 door sedan. Leg room on the back seats are tight not comfortable at all . But fronts are wonderful feels like an mitsubishi evo 8 seats.

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    Jul 2009
    Nice clean ride.

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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by speed unlimited View Post
    Nice clean ride.
    add: If I'll send any car in Phil. one of my AE86 will go first

    Quote Originally Posted by anonemus View Post
    Ganda! Plano mo dalhin dito sa Pinas later?

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    Aug 2010
    congrats, that's a very nice car. sporty yet very elegant looking

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    Nov 2005
    huwoooow!!!! very sweet RS4.

    my friends drive the M3, C63 at IS-F. if i have money i'll get this Audi to complete the all-star cast.

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    Sep 2013
    Love the RS models since they are rare. I used to have a tuned TT and loved that car to death.

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    Dec 2016
    Great Audi!

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    Jul 2009
    Pain in the ass palitan ang timing belt!

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    Apr 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by 4agze View Post
    Its been a long time since I gone here and thru that time I got a new toy, its a used audi RS4 quattro nothing fancy just all stock audi performance parts. its not the most fun car I had or driven but it is one of the most powerful car I driven. 4.2-liter V8 420 hp and 317 lbs torque, with 6 speed manual gearbox going thru all 4 wheels.

    One of my dream car hehe. Nice one ;)

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2008 Audi RS4 quattro