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    Nov 2002
    help me decide guys. someone is selling her familia mazdaspeed to me for 250k, 42k km and another friend is selling '97 gsr for 320k, 60+k km. both are well maintained and the interior/exterior still looks brand new though with minimal unavoidable scratches.

    I find the mazdaspeed very appealing (nice body kit and mags) and limited lang daw nailabas dito...pero ok din yun gsr...need your opinion guys...


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    Oct 2002
    depends on your priorities. just be reminded that although marami pa ring parts ang mazda sa market, mas madaming parts ang lancer.

    although mas powerful yata engine ng mazda speed compared sa gsr. and looks good too.

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    Oct 2002
    mazda 323 familia

    very torquey engine. accelerates quicky. smooth suspension. big interior, spacious backseat (*** in car is a possiblilty), sporty exterior styling.

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    Oct 2002
    isa lang ba ang familia mazdaspeed at 323 mazda familia?

    anyways, mazda ka na pre, mura na hanep pa humataw..

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    Oct 2002
    nice one ghosthunter!!! :lol:

    cliffjumper, magka-iba po yung mazdaspeed tsaka yung 323 familia. mas me power yung mazdaspeed tska mas maganda porma. don't know the specs though.

    GSR pang binata, eto ba yung 2 door. hanep din sa porma lalo na kung naka body kit.


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    Oct 2002
    Experience ko sa Mazda Speed super tulin nito. Mababa nga lang kaya prone to sayad. Interior looks cheap though. During my usage, ang major repair lang is change of Power Steering hose. Other than that tune up change oil lang. Mas madali pumasok ang mga kasama mo sa Mazda kasi 4dr ito and 2dr ang GSR.
    Maganda ang itsura ng GSR. Kaso for the price difference, I'd go for the Mazda kung patatagalin mo sa iyo. Pero kung mga 1-2 yrs mo lang balak gamitin, GSR na lang. Mas mataas ang resale.
    Dapat test drive mo both and follow your heart.

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    Oct 2002
    mazdaspeed or gsr? medyo mahirap mamili
    pero i'll go to mazdaspeed kasi yun nga 4 door over 2 door
    ang hirap ng gsr pag marami kayong naka sakay ang sikip! tatlo lang kayo sa likod ang sikip na.

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    Oct 2002
    I find 2doors more applealing than sedans. GSR for me! But if youre a family man or you have a lot of buddies, then the mazda is for you :D

    my $0.02

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    Oct 2002
    mazda for me. :mrgreen:

    better engine, suspension, interior, almost everything seems to be in favor of the mazda in all aspects i could think of.

    although i have to admit that i like looking at lancer GSRs. maporma at angas ang dating. :D

    in terms of reliability, judging from experience of owners of both these cars i have talked to, mazda has the advantage. :P

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    Dec 2002
    May mazda 323 familia kami and I think the performance is good! Swabe engine at malakas. Ok din naman suspension kasi 5 years na ito sa amin pero hindi pa nagkaroon ng kalampag. Up to now, gamit na gamit parin ito and 80,000+ na siya. :P

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mazdaspeed familia or lancer gsr?