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    Apr 2010

    I would like to ask inputs on cars since I dont know much about it. I am trying to gradually learn things since we bought a second hand 2005 AT Mazda Tribute 2 months ago. I just had my engine oil and filter changed and was advised to have my brake pads, brake shoe, brake fluid and air cleaner to be changed as well. I would also like the car to be tuned up din.

    Where can I buy the brake pads, brake shoe, brake fluid and air cleaner? The mechanic says I have to buy these from an Auto supply shop and I would have to pay labor cost na lang to him.

    Are there any specifications whatsoever in purchasing these items? How much would these things cost and how long can I use it until I have it changed again? Also, how often do I need to change AT fluid? and for the Tune up, the mechanic who did my engine oil change said I should take it to Mazda for Tune up, is that so ba tlga?

    Thanks in Advance

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    For maintenance schedule, see your vehicle's manual. For every oil change/tune up, the following should be replaced:

    AIR FILTER element

    Have the following checked/cleaned/adjusted to spec:

    BRAKES, front & rear (including brake master cyl in the engine bay)

    Try purchasing these from Mazford, Banawe, QC or at any Mazda Dealer (if you want orig Mazda Japan parts).

    Oil change/tune up is usually done every 5months or 5000km whichever comes first. Include brakes checkup and tire rotation.


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    Apr 2010
    This is indeed very helpful! Thanks a lot!

    There's a lot to know pala when u have a car. Now I'm thinking of learning the basics about automotive also, para I know how to troubleshoot basic engine problems also.

Mazda Tribute Maintenance/s