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    Mar 2008
    Dear Sirs:

    Quote Originally Posted by scharnhorst View Post
    I'm guessing that the biggest criticism against the BT-50 is the same as the ranger - the cabin space.

    It's virtually unchanged from the 1999 model.
    Yup definitely agree, my B2500 Mazda has LESS rear seat room than our 1995 HiLux, which is a much smaller vehicle.


    Dusky Lim

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    Sep 2007
    By the looks of the BT-50, it's appealing to me.

    But, it's still to each his own. If you want this type and looks of this pick-up so be it; if you want that 'girlie' type, go ahead...if you want it stock or decorated like a float, no problem...

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Mazda (BT-50) Pick-up coming to RP?