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    Sep 2005
    Which is better in performance, style, safety, maintenance and fuel efficiency

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    Oct 2002
    Overall, I'd pick the Mazda 3.

    Get the 2.0L if possible.

  3. Heretic Guest
    Performance: close, but Altis felt snappier from my experience, probably because it's lighter

    Style: Mazda3

    Maintenance: Altis

    Fuel efficiency: Altis

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    Oct 2002
    Overall: Mazda 3

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    Aug 2003
    had the same thought. the altis E 1.6 AT costs almost exactly the same as the Mazda3 1.6 mid-range model (which is the 1.6V i believe).

    - mazda3, 105hp, altis E, 116hp
    - altis 1.6 engine has the BEST fuel efficiency of any local 1.6L car
    - altis E has dual airbags and ABS, mazda3 has ONE airbag (the 2.0 has 2 airbags)
    - altis E has single-zone climate control, mazda3 has NONE (the 2.0 has it)

    compared to the mazda3 1.6S (entry-level) which has NO ABS, even worse..

    overall, even though am a huge mazda fan and drive a mazda, i'd get the altis E. more practical, rock-solid toyota reliability, BETTER FUEL MILEAGE (important in this day and age of sky-high gasoline prices), more features (+1 airbag, +climate control). more powerful and higher-tech engine.

    and if a new altis comes out next year (2006) at roughly the same price..

    the mazda3 looks great and all. plus brand loyalty etc. but the altis wins on safety, engine power, practicality... virtually every measurement EXCEPT looks and suspension.
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    Sep 2005
    Thanks guys!my really first choice is the altis 1.6E manual lang. yung mazda3 2.0 sana kaso wala na sa budget.di na practical at fuel efficient. Pero yung sa Mazda3 1.6S ok yung style kaso wala nga ABS at airbags at marami pang iba na wala pero mayrun sa altis 1.6E. i'll just wait for 2006 altis.bka mas marami pa features at bka bumaba ang price.

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    Oct 2002
    difficult choice, pero baka sa altis na ako between those two hehe

    2006 civic should be coming out in a few short months... and from the looks of things, it's bound to be a winner.

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    Mar 2005
    May isang airbag naman. gee

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    Nov 2002
    The Mazda 3 1.6, when I tested it, felt kinda sluggish in acceleration, such that any older, lighter 1.6-liter car in tip-top shape can outrun it. The Altis 1.6E A/T felt lighter on its feet, delivering adequate performance.

    The 3 only wins it in looks inside and out, and possibly handling because of its renowned chassis. The Altis is more spacious, faster and possibly more economical. It should also be less costly and of less hassle to maintain, as Toyotas have always been. You also get a M/T option, airbag and ABS. It's your best buy!
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    May 2005
    What is the fuel consumption rate (km/liter) of the Altis? Mazda3?

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Altis 1.6E 0r Mazda 3 1.6V