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    Feb 2003
    after running for some time my rear right brakes seem to be stuck (not totally).

    yesterday, we went to megamall and nung nasa may parking area na kami, hindi na nag-ro-roll yung car when in freewheeling -- yung onting apply ng accelerator then releasing it -- i really felt na medyo na-ho-hold yung pag-forward.

    when parked i can really feel na mainit yung brakes, so i guess stuck-up na nga. pero when it cools down after around 1 hour, ok na naman siya.

    nangyari uli kanina after driving hard for 10 kilometers or so.

    ano kaya ang magagawang solusyon dito? sa lines lang ba? brake pads or drums? pa-reface na ba ng rotors?

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    Oct 2002
    baka naalis yun pad sa pagkabonding. or naalis yun lock niya. could also be an axle bearing going bad. disc or drum ba?

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    Oct 2002
    could be stuck up brake lines.

    If its the wheel bearings, you'll probably need replacing them.

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    Feb 2003
    rear right drum po. nag-iinit din yung front right rims (disc).

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    Oct 2002
    Kung DIYer ka at may time na kalikutin ang preno mo:

    Try to open the rear drums na may problema.
    Yung problem happens when the bonding of the brake pads ay nakalas sa shoes (as mentioned by Afrasay). Another reason would be nag-stuck-up yung piston ng preno - I forgot the exact tawag dun pero ito yung nag-pupush sa brake shoes. Pagpalitin na yun goma nun, ganyan din ang symptoms.

    Yung pinaka simpleng possibility would be that the small spring needs some oiling. I spray it with WD40 muna to loosen the kalawang and some 3-in-1 oil or remnant oil from the oil change (unused). I use the tip of the screw driver dipped in the oil to apply it. DO NOT PUT OIL ON THE BRAKE PAD/SHOES.

    Rotors that need to be re-faced would have odd groves on it. Kung walang ganun, you can skip the re-face.

    If this is too laborious, get to the nearest would cost you some P800 on labor for all the wheels plus parts (new shoes or pads or yung goma dun sa mga pistons ng preno).

    good luck.

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    Feb 2003
    uy, thanks wildthing!!!!

    no time for DIY. office time na naman kasi!!!

hot mags/rims = stuck brakes [help]