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    Apr 2006
    Arrived last night about 11.30, lots of stopover Naga market for Abo beti (intestines or esophagus of Abo fish yata),pili nut products, panutsa lots of daing, dalanghita and rambutan in Tagkawayan, banana chip factory in Gumaca, lolo ompo resto in Calauag, lita's resto in Gumaca, pinagong bread and other stuff in Sariayaya,Quezon (traffic kasi parang fiesta).

    Had a fun and hassle free trip and stay for the Penafrancia fiesta. Thanks for all the tips and information that made it possible. Thanks a lot guys!

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    Oct 2002
    landlord, welcome back!

    may I know kung saan ka dumaan and the road condition ng dinaanan mo?

    I'm planning to bring my dad home sa fiesta sa barrio namin sa October.


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    Apr 2006
    Thanks artp. We left past 7 pm, we were told to pass thru the emme? (they call it sa taas) and experienced the firefly like lites of the guides in the zigzag and my wife a fun time dishing out coins to the volunteer guides. Went thru the short cut Andaya highway, the road was fine but slow paced because there were portions where there were one lane only for use (for curing pa yung cement?) I felt safe though since there were lots of vehicles, though I don't know if it was only because of Penafrancia fiesta. Other than this everything was fine.

    The return trip was better because it was daylight and the traffic along the one lane portions were being manned by road workers so it was faster and safer. I was told sa baba ng emme ok din daw yung road.

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    Oct 2002
    okay thanks again Landlord.

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    Jul 2007
    I'm glad your trip was safe and fun! Brings back good memories for me.
    I remember the eme too. Actually it is called that because the road is shaped like a "M"... or just a zigzagging road actually. The bitukang manok in Daet is just what it says... the road is shaped like chicken intestines!

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    Jul 2007
    Hi mga ser, dugtong ko lang itong aking nadaanan (since I also went to Albay recently: 29Oct - 4Nov).
    Yung Andaya hi-way medyo konti na lang yung lubak, siguro by January 2008 ok na yong 90% of the roads.
    May dinaanan akong alternate route from pagbilao deretso na sa tayabas tapos lucban-pagsanjan-famy- cardona-binangonan (taga binangonan ako).
    From Daraga, Albay to Pag-asa, Binangonan = 488 kms.

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    Apr 2006
    Yes, that alternate route is good if you're eastbound. That's where we pass whenever we go to Lucban. The Cavinti - Louisiana portion is like a mini Kennon Road. There's also lots of greenery and very little traffic starting from Pagsanjan.

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    Apr 2006
    It's Penafrancia festival again and we will be on our yearly pilgrimmage again. With all the typhoons that have passed thru, I was wondering about the road condition of the route going to Naga. Would anyone have any idea so we would know what to expect. Thanks in advance.

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    Aug 2007
    ok naman ang road to naga,

    except ung sa quirino (andaya) hi way but it was better now compare to last year

    there are some portion with asphalt overlay but with no road markers yet

    yung sa pagpasok lang na part ng quirino (tagkawayan area) medyo may bugbog ung daan, pero the rest ok naman

    ang problem mo na lang is the volume of traffic since sigurado dagsa na naman mga bibisita

    ingat na lang sa byahe

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    Jan 2008
    [SIZE=2]From manila isa lang daan nyan just follow road signs hangang makalampas ka sa Calaug Quezon, doon may intersection-the old road is via Camarines Norte the new road via Tagkawayan-Andaya highway..Ang bagsak ng new road ay sa Sipocot Cam Sur. If you will use the new road, mga 100kms matitipid mo going to Naga..[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]If you dont know the road, better travel on daytime..madami bumubulaga sa gabi especially blind curves, poor marker signs on intersections, mga railroad crossing sa part ng Quezon..dami sceneries sa umaga amoy province..freshh n fresh..Pero i prefer travelling at night kasi less stressful, wala kasi mashado makulit sa daan..Alis ka sa Manila mga alanganin oras - yon sa palagaymo hindimo mkakasabay mga bus at trucks-around 11PM to 2AM..Darating ka Naga early morning na. [/SIZE]

    At night travel, i do 5-6 hrs from Manila to Naga via Tagkawayan. Via camarines norte alternate route naman- Manila to Daet in 4.5hrs, Daet to Sipocot around 90kms yun ay less than one hour, then Sipocot to Naga is less than an hour also. Nasa Basud ang Bicol National Park and bitukang manok- great scenery, nasa Sipocot naman yung intersection from Tagkawayan..both ay overlayed asphalt at maganda road condition dyan -hindi kasi daanan ng mabigat na truck.

    [SIZE=2]Bring maps if necessary, alternate driver to lessen stop-overs, pull-over and take a nap if you feel sleepy, eat at Gumaca Quezon dami doon 24hrs kainan ng fresh seafoods along the sea.., check condition of car and assess if it can run 400+ kms to avoid trouble along the way[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Road conditions-[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]- Manila to gateway to Bicolandia Marker oknaman at almost overlayed asphalt Ma-traffic sa SLEX, mga bayan sa Tiong, Pagbilao during rush hours[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]- Atimonan Emy (Quezon National Park) - mas madami descending kung going south, hindi maki gas pero ingat sa brakes alalay engine..Kung pabalik naman mas madami ascending at maki-gas. ilalim naman, daanan ng truck at bus dami lubak pero tolerable naman..[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]- Slow down lang sa Tagkawayan may rough area, Yong papasok ng Daet smooth pero may mga pailan-ilan malalim lubak at ongoing bridge construction sa Labo area- dami din winding roads na kelangan slowdown kasi parang hinihigop at kung hindi kakainin mo ang other lane or magddrifitng ka. Be alert also around 3-4 AM jan bumababa most of the time ang fog along the road sa part ng Sta elena at Bagong Silang.. . [/SIZE]
    - From Sipocot to Naga deretso na yun walang intersection na pwedeka maligaw. Overlayed asphalt konti lang ang potholes..

    [SIZE=2]Ingat and Happy Motoring! Viva La Virgen![/SIZE]

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