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    Sep 2006
    Hi guys, hope you can help me since you're Isuzu fans.

    I'm looking for an Isuzu Big Horn 1995 or newer.
    4JG2 3.1L diesel engine or 4JX1 3.0L.
    Automatic Transmission
    Electronic Governor Control(injection pump)
    Best if unit is below 100 thou km odo
    Colors of Big Horn can either be: Blue, White or Green.

    Budget is in the 320k mark.

    Pls txt or contact 09192449259


    What are the problems/issues can I expect when owning a Big Horn?
    Malakas ba sa fuel? Does it constantly break down? Etc..


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    Aug 2004
    Let's wait for the diesel big boys to answer.

    I've heard of problems with the 4JX1, but I don't know exactly what its weak points are... I do know my friend had one and he sold it after a long and heartbreaking process of having it repaired due to a turbo failure.

    I think the other engine is much stronger and more reliable... I could be getting them mixed up, though.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jan 2006
    Gun Metal,

    Welcome in advance! Matibay ang pang ilalim ng trooper, heavy duty.
    Sa 1995 models wala pang 4jxi na engine. 2000 pataas nag*aroon sa Pinas. But in Japan i thin* 98-99 lumabas na. Parts wise hindi gaanong *amahalan at sulit naman ang serbisyo.

    UBS models ang tawag sa body ng Trooper. It has two engines 4JG2-NA or TC and the powerful 4JX1-TC.

    4JX1 engines are state of the art machines. Electronic ang fuel system. CRDI (common rail direct injection) ang fuel delivery niya and it is electronically controlled integrated to the computer box. Twin cam 16 valves ang cylinder head system niya *aya mala*as at responsive. Draw bac* is the mixing diesel fuel to the oil. Which means big trouble when it comes to repairs.

    4JG2 is not as fast and effecient as 4JX1 but it is simpler to diagnose and much durable worhorse.

    Hope someday we can invite you sa EB ng Isuzu Peeps.
    Goodluc* on your search and feel free to shoot your questions.

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    Sep 2004
    i really have mixed feeling with my ride, im not as happy as before. so iwasan mo yung 4jx1 na engine. stick with the pajero na lang. my own opinion. if pwede ko lang benta yung car ko..i would.

Soon to be an Isuzu owner