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    Jun 2007
    In cooperation with Centro Manufacturing, Inc. Isuzu co-developed a vehicle for the mass market. Competing directly with those surplus and second hand remanufactured Isuzu elf type minibus from Cebu and Sobida Motors Corp.

    [SIZE=4]Isuzu unveils microbus for public transport
    Saturday, 06 March 2010 00:00
    Manila Times

    Isuzu Philippines Corp. unveiled on Thursday a “microbus” that could serve as a new means of public transportation for the country.

    Arthur Balmadrid, Isuzu Philippines senior vice president, told reporters that the [SIZE=4][SIZE=2]16-seater Isuzu microbus could be registered as a “Philippine Brand Vehicle.”[/SIZE] [/SIZE]This new manufacturing category was included by the Board of Investments in the proposed updated Motor Vehicle Development Program.

    [SIZE=2]The company executive said the microbus would be assembled locally, in partnership with Centro Manufacturing Corp.,and would be available by the second half of this year.[/SIZE]

    With this microbus and four newly launched light-duty truck variants under its fifth-generation N-Series lineup, Isuzu expects sales this year to grow by a tenth to 10,500 units.

    Latest industry data showed that the company sold 625 units in January, up by about a third year-on-year.

    Last year, Isuzu sold 8.8 percent less, or 9,213 units in 2008, which is the fifth highest number of vehicles sold last year. However, its market share contracted 1.1 percent.

    Keiji Takeda, Isuzu Philippines president, said the country’s stable economy would augur well with the company’s plan to ramp up domestic production to meet the potentially higher demand.

    Isuzu manufactured about 8,000 units last year, about half of the plant’s maximum production capacity of 15,000 units annually.

    [SIZE=4][SIZE=2]Its Biñan, Laguna plant churns out[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=2]Crosswind, an Asian utility vehicle (AUV); D-Max pickups; and various passenger van and truck models for domestic sales.[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=2]The Alterra units are imported from Thailand.[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=4]

    [SIZE=2]Isuzu Autoparts Manufacturing Corp., an affiliate company, manufactures and distributes car components also in Laguna.[/SIZE]

    Takeda said they used to export parts to Vietnam but recently stopped because the country jacked up excise taxes.

    The company, however, hopes to export AUVs to Costa Rica and Guatemala since emission and safety regulations in those countries are similar to that of Philippine standards.

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    Jun 2007
    The Microbus of isuzu

    Isuzu pushes exports of Crosswind, launches ‘microbus’ in RP

    March 6, 2010, 3:17pm
    Manila Bulletin

    Isuzu Philippines Corporation President Keiji Takeda poses beside the 20-seater Isuzu Microbus which was unveiled before the media and government authorities on March 4, 2010 at the Esplanade in Pasay City. (Photo by ANJO PEREZ)

    Isuzu Philippines Corp. unveils two major projects this year: Resumption of exports of its Asian utility vehicle Crosswind to Central America and local assembly of an entrepreneurial vehicle called “Microbus” – as the company anticipates as much as 15 percent growth in sales this year.

    For its CKD line-up, the all-truck assembler also unveiled a new CKD model dubbed “Microbus,” which is intended for entrepreneurial purposes. Takeda said that “Microbus”, which is a co-development between IPC as provider of brand new power train and Filipino firm Centro Manufacturing Corp. as body builder, is a 16-seater mini-bus that is expected to compete head on with existing vans being used as shuttle buses, school buses and tourist buses. The power train and the chassis would be imported from Indonesia.

    Takeda said the “Microbus” would be custom-built depending on the specifications of the customer but would have a price range of P1.2 million to P1.5 million a unit.

    Microbus would be launched in the market in the second semester this year.
    Takeda expects to sell between 40 to 50 units a month of Microbuses out of an annual full capacity of 1,000 units a year.

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    Dec 2006
    this is meant to address the growing shuttle van market in cavite and other neighboring cities.

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    Aug 2005
    possible PUJ replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by meledson View Post
    possible PUJ replacement
    Takeda said the “Microbus” would be custom-built depending on the specifications of the customer but would have a price range of P1.2 million to P1.5 million a unit.
    With that price, I doubt it would replace the PUJs directly. But it might open up a potential competition to the PUJs that would eventually make the PUJs uneconomical to continue operating on major lines.

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    They'll have to remove or soften the current importation tax breaks given secondhand buses to open up the market for this vehicle and the one Mitsubishi is making... or at least become stricter with emissions and roadworthiness compliance of old buses.

    You can get a good condition full-sized bus second hand for the same money.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2004
    hmmm.. Alternative to the Nissan Urvan.

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    Dec 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Benji_DCP View Post
    hmmm.. Alternative to the Nissan Urvan.
    Maybe but its pricey..

    Mukhang katapat nito ay yung BEEP ng Mitsubishi..

    Sa May pa daw to lalabas..Same date nang launch ng BEEP na 3.9 Liter Turbocharged diesel engine..

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    Feb 2006
    parang yun public transport sa hongkong (coasters)

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    Isuzu to resume Crosswind
    export, launches Microbus

    Malaya Business Insights
    March 16, 2010

    Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC) is resuming exports of Crosswind and is launching Microbus as public shuttle or delivery vehicle even as it eyes a 15-percent increase in domestic sales in 2009.

    Company president Keiji Takeda told reporters at the launch of the newest Isuzu N-Series light-duty trucks that IPC eyes to go back to exporting Crosswind with Central American countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica.
    The company is in discussions with local distributors in that country on the prospects of shipping the locally-assembled Crosswind.

    Up to last year, IPC has shipped 60 units of the Crosswind but halted doing so temporarily as dealers were demanding to lower its price.

    IPC has also recently stopped the exports of parts like body panels and seat frames to Vietnam. Even then, the exports just account for 1 to 2 percent of IPC’s total business in the Philippines.

    At the N-Series launch, IPC also unveiled the Microbus, a co-development with local body builder Centro Manufacturing Corp.

    IPC senior vice president Art Balmadrid said Microbus – a 16-seater all-purpose vehicle that is bigger than a regular van but smaller than a coaster-- will be geared for mass transport such as the shuttle services now plying the roads. It can also be used as delivery vehicles.

    The Microbus seats can be rearranged and can be custom-built depending on the requirements of the customers.

    To be commercially sold by the second half the year, Microbus has a tag price of between P1.2 and P1.5 million.

    Using the NHR engine and power train from Japan, the Microbus is imported completely knocked-down from Indonesia and built locally by Centro, IPC eyes to sell 40 to 50 units a month of the Microbus.

    Balmadrid said the Microbus could be registered as its entry in the planned Philippine Brand Vehicle program if the Board of Investments pursues this under the new Motor Vehicle Development Program.

    "This an ideal urban mass transport vehicle. Utilizing the NHR chassis, this Microbus is designed to carry more passengers or larger cargoes compared to the standard vans. The seats can be rearranged depending on the customer’s requirement.

    It has a dual-aircon for that much needed comfort for all passengers and it can be installed with any additional accessories based on current market demand," Balmadrid said.

    Microbus is CKD from Indonesia

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