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    Jan 2011
    I am considering buying an ipod for my 2011 Isuzu Urban Cruiser.

    Would someone indicate to me, please, which models are/are not compatible with Isuzu.....Shuffle, Classic, Nano etc.

    Thank you.


    Uncle Nick.

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    Feb 2011
    i have an ipod-touch 3g 16gb on my sportivo 2010 mt, it was working well on the jvc stereo but one thing i noticed is that you have to play the ipod first before plugging it in the usb cable provided for the ipod or else it would end up not playing at selections for the ipod doesn't even function on the jvc stereo so you should select the music you'd like to play first on the ipod before plugging it in. fwd & rev functions are ok on the jvc stereo when my ipod is connected, but music programming is not...

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    Mar 2010
    I have Ipod Classic 160 GB bought brand bnew last Nov 29, 2010.

    All is working well except the videos. I have a 2010 A/T 4WD Isuzu Alterra btw.

    I was told by Isuzu Pasig sevice advisor that only Ipod nanos or old generation Ipods will work on the Isuzu Alterra. But I have not verified if his statement is true.

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