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    Aug 2014
    Hi Guys,

    Just to clarify..

    Engine Oil: 15W40 - Regular oil.
    If Synthetic: should still be 15W40?

    Transmission Oil: Same with Engine Oil, and can we put Synthetic?

    Gear oil: What should be the rating? 95W as mentioned above..

    Is 80W90 applicable?


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    Jan 2015
    Goodmorning sir, i just wondering, ano yung sa baba ng bumper ng sportivo? Splash guard ba po tawag dun o under spoiler? At may nabibili ba po nun na 2nd hand lang or dito sa mga isuzu user dito. Nabasag kasi yung akin, after i hit a stray dog. Binalikan ko yung aso, kaso, walang umaako kung kanino yun. And good thing na pilay lang yung aso at hindi patay. Thank you so much in advance.

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    Feb 2017
    I'm using Top1 Super ATF for my XTO. For drain, it's only less two liters. For flushing, about 6 liters +. (5L Top1 and 1L Petron Premium ATF semi synthetic).

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How many liters Transmission oil and Gear oil for Crosswind XTO