Ask lang po sana ako ng tulong sa mga experts and others that had the same experience out there. May 98 hilander po ako and recently lang po I felt something abnormal on my steering, there is a pulsating tightness when I turn the steering wheel either way even when engine is off. So, I did some checking, 1st is I disconnected the steering column from the gear box to see if the problem is there but it's not, the steering column shaft turns smoothly. 2nd is I jacked up the front and turned the steering wheel and the problem is still there. 3rd is I checked all upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension arm bushings but they all checked out. 4th is I disconnected the pitman arm from the center link and turned the steering wheel but the problem is still there so, that leaves the steering gearbox, I left the pump because I just recently installed a new repair kit and if the pump had to do with it, the problem should disappear when the engine is off and also the fluid is fresh. So, I checked the gear box for leaks and luckily no leaks so I decided to open the gearbox to check for any internal problems. I found out that sludge had accumulated inside so I removed all the sludge, cleaned and checked bearings, sector shaft, piston, worm gear and they all checked out too. I wasnít able to check the rotary valve and torsion bar because I donít have the proper removal tools. Anyways, after that, I re-assembled and installed it and upon checking, the problem is still there. I donít know what else could be causing the problem but I donít want to give up, steering box are too expensive. Iím asking all Gurus out there to please help me, I would really appreciate it. TIA!