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    as taken from

    Quote Originally Posted by jonnyb
    Hi everyone!
    Greetings fom England! My name is JonnyB, a newbie to MyMitsuPH. Thank you for welcoming me to your forum.
    I have a Mitsubishi FTO and have been a regular reader of mitsu owner websites around the world and have enjoyed viewing your discussions in the past.

    I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me with some info so I have registered with MyMitsuPH. Here's the story:

    I'm wanting to find some specially made cool seatcvers for my FTO.
    Some fellow owners of FTOs in Australi have ordered from a place in the Philippines. They managed to get leatherettte type covers for a very good price sent out to them and this one place (somewhere in the Philippines) has now made perhaps 100 sets of these covers for the FTO in many different colours - so they obviously make them very well and they must fit perfectly.
    I could try and get the Australiian guys to order it and ship it to me but that means BIG BIG $$$$ - I hope that I can maybe order direct with the producers in PH.

    Can anyone please please please tell me who they think this company could be? I have been searching the PH websites trying to find some mention of the FTO but no luck.
    I have found reference to Coventry Square, Seatmate (in Mandaluyong City, Equipt (in Banawe), Boy chingcuanco, Portillo's, MG Square Auto Interiors (Roosevelt Ave), Nelsfor, JetCar, Bionic Auto Seat Covers, Kelseat and SeatPro.
    I'm sure all are great companys and good at what they do, but I m looking for this one company who have made nearly 100 sets for the FTO.
    Is it one of these? Or another.

    I know its rude of me to come alog with this request - but i hope one of you guys out there can help me.

    maraming salamat and i hope to hear back from someone!



    However, I am looking for the place that already has the template for the FTO. I understand that this place is already making them to order in a variety of different colours an the covers fit very well.
    This is the shop I want to find!
    I'd be so grateful if anyone has any ideas who this could be that they let me know.
    (This is what they look like - I'm sure you'll you agree WOW! !

    Hope some out there has some ideas who this could be!!!
    maybe someone here knows the details as johnyB said. kelseat maybe?

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    Mar 2004
    WE have the pattern for the FTO.... I sent you a PM.

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    Jan 2005
    thanks! i'll let jonnyB know about this. :D

looking for a certain seatcover maker