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    Oct 2002
    Baka any of you guys would want to have their Nissan cars, SUVs, or pickup as well as Starex and Vitara checked up by a CASA specialist. My 3 mechanic friends from Nissan Bacolod just arrived today for an overseas employment interview. They have been with Nissan Bacolod for several years already and in fact one of them has been my long-time mechanic for my Zuk when it was still in Bacolod. He even does the conversion of the 4x2 to 4x4 of the GU Patrol. Nissan Bacolod kasi handles the servicing of Suzuki and Hyundai as well. Anyway, I had them checkup my Zuk again. Valve clearances and camshaft were inspected and readjusted after almost 62,000 km. I can now feel a big improvement in engine response and acceleration.

    racerx has his Patrol scheduled for Friday. Another Vitara owner has his scheduled on Saturday. So far their itinerary is flexible and they don't have return tickets back to Bacolod pa naman so you guys could still schedule in case you are interested. If you guys have tools, so much the better. Biglaan kasi ang pag-alis nila and they were only able to bring a timing light and a feeler gauge.

    You guys can contact me at 0917-3001415 in case you are interested. THanks!

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    Oct 2002
    Hmmm... patanong na lang Philip kung ano yung stock gap ng lobes sa TD42? I had mine adjusted earlier this year, di ko na maalala yung sukat 14 yata or 16???

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    wiretap: nice goin' bro

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