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    Jun 2007
    Ano nga bang Hyundai car itong inire-reklamo ng thread starter? Please elaborate. We are all interested to know.

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTad View Post
    [SIZE=3]Don't get fooled in buying Hyundai. I've purchased one and it is with me for five months now. These car is low quality and accessories are the same as china made cars. The spare tire alone is a big disappoinment. Who in the right mind will sell a brand new car with a spare tire smaller than the four? You can find that only in Hyundai. I had a flat tire and I was terrified of how to bring the car to the nearest vulcanizing shop. I also found out that the spare tire's ream is so thin. Their service is not long term. Once you accidentally buy one it is goodbye and they don't care. The tires also are low quality and it won't even last for a year. Yes it is cheaper but you will be spending more in replacing the parts just in a year of purchase. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Investigate carefully the car before you purchase or else you will end up cursing yourself. Better to buy a Japanese car by adding a few thousands and you will have peace of mind.[/SIZE]
    Didn't you confirm first with the casa as to what kind of spare tire your particular Hyundai carried, before even buying the unit?

    I don't see the donut tire's size as a problem. Spares are not supposed to be used over extremely long distances, anyway. My spare tire is the same size as the rest of my tires, but I feel quite uncomfortable if I have to depend on it for longer than necessary.
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    Aug 2005
    kala ko kung anong problem... mukhang nde satisfied with donut tires. mukha talagang funny yung donut tires... Saw one sa mazda 2 ng brother ko mejo naingit sya kasi sa honda city regular tire with alloy rims (mags) yung spare.

    Im not a Hyundai fan or owner, kung panget talga hyundai nde sana aabot sa 4th palce ng largest manufacturer ang hyundai lapet nya na lagpasan GM at Ford to take over the 2nd place.

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    Sep 2003
    Who in the right mind will sell a brand new car with a spare tire smaller than the four?
    JohnTad oh, my god.......

    Sir, donut tire nga siguro yun. Paki-kodakan nga para makita namin dito sa Tsikot?

    At sana, bago mo kinuha yung car mo, tiningnan mo muna lahat, pati accessories. Minsan pati nga jack, at iba pang freebies, pinakikita nila, bago mo makuha unit mo.
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    Jan 2006
    na shock ata si sir ah... kung tutuusin minor lang naman to. ang gaganda nga ng hyundai ngayon eh. sakin wala kaming naging problema sa hyundai van namin before. very happy kami... mag re-react lang siguro ako ng ganito kung lemon ang nakuha ko...

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    Jun 2008
    Dear TS,

    Please tell us more.

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    Sep 2005
    To the TS: you would have to post more info on your complaint so that we'd understand your sentiments, and perhaps be able to help you.

    To ALL
    : The TS made 5 posts as of this time and he's got nothing but complaints:

    Make me curious on what the situation really is.

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    Jun 2005
    a mitsu EVO X also has a donut tire. Get your facts straight troll somewhere else.

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    Sep 2005
    Donut tire perfectly serve its purpose. Una magaan which good and second you only use it when you have a flat tire to get you to a nearest vulcanizing shop.

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    Mar 2008
    Totally agree with CoDer, save space and weight yet providing a backup solution. got my tucson for the third year yet never have to put out that donut spare...may the TS is fun of pulling nail out from the tubeless tires.....

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