Post your feedbacks on different dealers on their service and package given on your car purchase. Hopefully this will make inform us which dealers to go to and avoid, lets just post our dealings and let other posters be informed of our first hand experience. Wag na natin post yung experience ng ibang tao to be fair and to have accurate info.

Car packages given to me :

Hyundai marcos hiway
Units bought: Sonata premium and genesis 3.8 A/T
- 20k discount per unit
- LTO and TPL
- 3M tint w/o front
- Matting

Hyundai las pinas
Unit bought tucson GL CRDi
- 10k discount
- LTO w/o TPL
- seat cover, na hinihintay ko pa hanggang ngayon for 2 mos na
- standard talong tint, which nakikipagtalo pa ako na dapat 3M , and now di sumasagot yung agent ko. Nakuha na kase niya commission niya e! Fail!!!
- matting

Service Experience

Hyundai las pinas:
- 1000km checkup done in 1.5 hours, oil corkage fee waived. Win!
- check aircon since not as cold as our other hyundai cars, 30 mins. They kept it running and said malamig naman sir. They did not bother to check freon level or put a thermometer. What a waste of my time! Didnt bother to argue since i was going somewhere. Ibalik ko nalang daw if mainit pa rin, which i dont think will improve since they just sat insid my car and wasted my fuel! Another Fail!

Hyundai alabang
- had my a/c checked again and they hooked up a freon meter and added oil and freon to the system, they also cleaned the condenser, while plugging the thermometer in one of my a/c louvre. It took them 30 mins. I noticed a slight improvement but not as cold as my other cars, even my old cars. Something is still wrong.

Hyundai marcos hiway
-Claiming my 3M tint, that las pinas branch is depriving from me, to be used on my tucson. Had a long wait since I was 3rd in line even after informing them I was on my way. When it was my turn, naubusan yung tint na gusto ko, and i dont want to settle for another kind. So i complained and told them that i informed them ahead of time what kind i wanted and after waiting for hours i am not leaving with nothing. In short they got new stocks from their warehouse even if it was past 5 and gave me another free tint which i can use for my other older car. Thumbs up for the effort and the extra freebie!