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    Nov 2011
    Hi Everyone!

    Can you help me figure out what is the REAL FUEL CONSUMPTION of my car (2006 City idsi with CVT, Automatic)?

    I just bought this 2nd Hand recently at 49,000 kms Mileage. I have observed, ang City Driving nya consumes about 7.5 to 8 kms. per liter and 13 kms (* 140 kph.) to 15 kms (* 100kph.) per liter sa NLEX depende sa hataw. Normal ba ang consumption ko sa CITY DRIVING or malakas sya? Do I have to check or re-set the CVT?


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    Mar 2010
    parang malakas. kelan last tune-up?

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    Nov 2011
    Thanks for the reply sir:

    I bought it on October 19, 2011 (a month ago). The MILEAGE was at 49,874 kms. Base on the RECEIPTS and HISTORY of the CAR, the previous owner had the car checked up sa casa with 46,526 kms. reading on October 8, 2010. The receipts show that she had the ff. changed SPARK PLUGS, AIR FILTER, CVT FLUID, ENGINE MOTOR OIL. I believe the service was done outside the CASA.

    MY MILEAGE right now since I got the car is 51,700 kms. I plan to have the oil changed soon because it has reached 5,000 kms. already since the last CASA CHECK UP. I also plan to start using SHELL's FUEL SAVE UNLEADED GASOLINE (I use PETRON UNLEADED GASOLINE) after reading a testimonial in SULIT from a owner who has the same car. I-PACHECK UP KO DIN SIGURO mga spark plugs and timing nya.

    Ano Ba Dapat ang City Driving Gasoline Consumption Nya? My City is a AUTOMATIC.


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    Dec 2005

    When I had the Jazz 1.3L iDSI CVT, my city driving resulted to about 9-12Km/L; highway was about 15-18Km/L...


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    May 2005
    Naku sir... medyo ganun din problem ko.... i bought my 2006 honda city last year.... at the first few months... i get at least 11kms/liter even on very traffic periods... pero nung nagpachange oil ako... pinalitan ng talyer pati yng isang joint sa suspension... nakaroon ng ugong... since then... mga 10km/liter na ang kain ng fuel... ngyon parang umaabot na ng 8km.liter

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    Jun 2008
    First owner here.
    9 - 11 Km/L city driving sometimes 12km, depending on traffic condition.
    15 - 17 km/L highway driving. 50K++ Km odometer reading. Light foot driving. Magnatech oil in use.
    Sir palitan mo ang air filter if not yet changed recently. Check spark plug for correct type.

    Pero sa speed ng driving mo di nakakapagtaka mataas ang consumo.
    140KPH piga na yang 1.3 iDSI engine. May peligro ang CVT ng makina mo.

    City Driving nya consumes about 7.5 to 8 kms. per liter and 13 kms (* 140 kph.) to 15 kms (* 100kph.) per liter sa NLEX depende sa hataw.

What is Honda City's 2006 idsi Automatic w/CVT FUEL CONSUMPTION (City and Highway)?