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    Dec 2006
    trying to decide which color to get for the honda city... choosing between bluish silver or black..which is the more popular color or the least for the 2008 honda city..

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    Jul 2008
    Black is popular. I havent seen much bluish silvers lately.

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    May 2005
    I have been seeing lots of City "A" (the entry level variant, like the Vios 1.3 J) in the bluish silver color.

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    May 2008
    The only colors offered in the entry level variant (1.3 A) are silver and bluish silver. All other colors are available in the "S" variant. Bluish silver I think was only added in the 2008 Honda City colors so you don't see a lot of them on the road.

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    Aug 2006
    yun violet na 1.5


    yun light blue which i have

    least seen becasue i think they offered these for less than a year ata

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    Jul 2006
    try nyo po yung shoreline mist, nag iiba kulay nun depende sa linawag and shade ng environment, paglulubog na ang araw sa hapon nababgo rin kulay..for shoreline mist is the best color at rare din...common colors in our place are alabaster silver, nighhawk black and red...

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    Mar 2007
    my vtec is shoreline mist. nung 2006 ko siya binili, nalilito ako kung ano kulay niya. gold ba or silverish. for me, the best color and the rarest! ive only seen 3 of these for the past 2 weeks

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    Jul 2006
    yung sa akin naman po ay 06 city 1.3 idsi CVT on its 15Tkm odo. SHoreline mist, kaya nga po maganda yung kulay na ito isa nagbabago kulay depende sa environment, yun po reason kaya ka nalilito kung gold or gray...rare na rare po ito sa ngayon...ewan ko lang in future hehehe gud luck po.

least seen colors of honda city