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    Aug 2004
    sa mahal ng gasolina ngayon this is the next Honda that i really want. they'r only selling it in Europe now, sana they market it here in the PH. In Accord or CRV form, i would take it; very good indeed for a First Diesel engine fm. Honda.

    Honda Diesel Breaks Record
    Honda has proved the worth of its first diesel car by setting new speed and fuel economy records in Europe. Two Accord Euro I-CTDi models were fitted up with roll cages and communications systems, and driven around a high-speed oval in Papenburg, Germany. They set 19 new speed records on the track, before setting out on a 674km drive from the circuit to Frankfurt to measure their fuel economy.
    Among the 19 records set were these new marks for 2000-25000cc production passenger cars, whether powered by petrol or diesel: 214.1km/h for a one-mile flying start, 135.56km/h for the one-mile standing start, and an average speed of 209.8 km/h over a 24-hour period. On the drive to Frankfurt over a combination of Autobahn and secondary highways, the diesel Accords returned average fuel use figures of 3.07L/100km (92mpg for imperialists).

    The Accord Euro I-CTDi went on sale in Europe late last year featuring one of Honda’s first production turbodiesel engines. The 2.2 litre four generates 100kW of power at 4500rpm and 340Nm of torque at 2000rpm. It breaks new ground for diesels by featuring an alloy cylinder block instead of the cast-iron block usually chosen for compression ignition engines. Honda developed a special construction technique to ensure the block has the same durability as a cast-iron version, with the use of carbon-fibre strand to reinforce the alloy. The 2.2 litre engine used in the Accord has a 1.7 litre sibling that is now available in Civics sold in Europe. Both motors are built in a high-tech new factory in Tochigi, Japan, which has the capacity to produce 24,000 engines a year. All this production is earmarked for the European market. Honda New Zealand currently has no plans to import diesel versions of either the Accord or Civic.

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    Nov 2006
    meron kaya mbibilhan na surplus engine na ganito? pdeng pde!!! 30km/L tapos hataw pa!!!

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    Jan 2006
    Surplus Engine? hehe I wish...

    but Diesel in Honda Accords and Civics with 20T2 Series Engine has been here from some time now. pwede nalang yun for now...

Honda's First Diesel Engine on the Euro Accord