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    Aug 2005
    Small wonder! But I'm rather inclined to believe considering it's a 1.3 and lighter than a city.

    I'm clocking in around 17 km/l on my 2004 City 1.5 (VTEC) after using it for one year and 30000 kms.

    Mobil 1 oil.
    Nitro tires.
    Petron XCS.
    Aircon always on.
    One or two passengers daily drive.

    The 8-spark plugs city really is a technowonder!

    my wife's altis 1.6E only clocks in around 9 km/l, while my other car, a Honda 2.0 (DOHC, 2004) drinks around 7kms/l.

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    Aug 2004
    That depends on AC settings and personal preference. My cousins still get 11 km/l-15 km/l in the city, in their... errh... Cities. (1.3 CVT). Strangely, Jazz owners don't seem to get as much mileage as City drivers... Zoom zoom factor? :lol:

    Curiosly, MBT, you're the first I've heard to echo my sentiments about uncomfortable leg positions... Na-activate yung arthritis ko during the Honda Amazing Economy Run because the seats were too low.

    BTW, eco-run namin was 23.23 km/l in moderate traffic, eco-driving and medium AC position. Kung nakaabot ka ng 54 km/l, I suppose I was right about the AC. I kept telling my partner the setting was too high.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2004
    we forgot to mention this. Last Monday, we had a run from Petron Greenhills to Southwoods. MBT filled the tank sa Petron Greenhills. Dinaanan niya ako sa Makati then nagpalit kami so I drove from Makati to Southwoods, so thats 30.6 kilometer drive. Tapos nagpa gas kami dun sa Petron sa SLEX, .95 liters. Based on the computations, 32.2km/L under normal driving conditions. Speed ko is at 80-100kph.

    Tipid sobra
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    Oct 2002
    CVT is auto tranny right?

    mas matipid ba ang cvt compared to manual trans based on same driving conditions n habits?

    grabe ang tipid...

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    Aug 2004
    Yah, because the CVT is as light or lighter than the manual, and it allows you to maintain constant throttle and rpms, without the momentary power losses associated with gear shifts. It took a lot of stop-go-nudge-creep traffic in the last Honda run to make the MT win over the CVT... usually, the CVT wins.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Dec 2003
    we have our solution for high fuel prices right here!

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    Apr 2004
    medyo OT:


    if you heard during the awarding ceremonies ng Eco run, naka 60km/L (pero long driving yun) yung nanalo (Schumacher daw siya) and CVT daw yung car niya. Then nung 2nd leg, girl yung nanalo, 28 something km/L sila (manual category) then 24+ yung sa CVT (taga HCP yung winner).

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    Oct 2002
    So mbt, any final conclusions?

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    Oct 2002
    still working on writing the full review. hehe. it'll be out this weekend.


    yeah, i noticed quite early on that the pedals were too close in relation to the steering wheel. I drove from alabang to east ave. in heavy traffic and it absolutely killed my right leg... to think that I had the seat almost all the way back already hehe.

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    Sep 2003
    kaya nga sisi ako bakit kinuha ko manual sana CVT na.


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