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    Oct 2002
    CR-V peeps sa tsikot! sama kayo dito:

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    Nov 2002
    Originally posted by Supierreman
    dati yun when the officers tried that scheme.. but the members suggested na ibalik na accessible yung forums so yan ok na ulit

    try to register and check it out if you have questions abaout honda stuff from tech to audio to detailing etc..
    Thanks for clarifying dude..

    nagkita na tayo sa bigberts rgiht?.hehe. kung naalala mo pa.hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    yep syempre naalala ko pa yun hehe :D

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    Mar 2004
    mine is a 1999 heather mist manual CRV...i had my headlight bulbs changed to 135W super white, changed my grille to those with 2 fog lights, placed a backup mirror, chromed door handles and mirrors and EGR tire cover...nothing else...

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    Mar 2003
    pasingit lang mga peeps, may feedback ba kayo sa mileage ng crv 4x4 AT mga ilan km/liter more or less? decided na kasi kami bumili next month. thanks.

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    Oct 2002

    more or less halos pareho lang yung mileage niyan sa front wheel-drive model. (which in my case is ~5.7 km/L for A/T and ~6.5 km/L for M/T)

    kung may difference, malamang maliit lang yun (like 0.1 or 0.2 km/L) at dahil sa added weight of the AWD system rather than because of the AWD function.

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    Mar 2003
    Crv peeps I need help,
    I think I ruined our gen 1 crv real time 4wd system.

    after reading tsikot's previos thread, I thought its about time I had our gear oil changed, mileage is around 38th kms. so I brought the car to the nearest gasoline station, Shell araneta ave. The mechanic said that honda uses ATF for the rear diffs not gearoil, We even checked the owners manual and he was right to use ATF.
    After driving a few meters, we heard the rear diff start to grind, and it feels like the car keeps jerking forward. We drove about a kilometer and lefft the car to a friends house to minimize the damage. Were gonna have it towed to honda Q.A. this monday.

    What happened to our CRV? anybody had any experience like this? I just hope that the damage isnt too severe, but I know i heard something break.

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    Dec 2002
    got this from a crv service manual.
    Rear Differential AssemblY
    Most problems in the unit are to be diagnosed by identifying noises from the gears or bear'ngs'
    care should be taken during diagnosis not to confuse differential noises with those from other drivetra'n components'
    Symptom Probable Cause Remedy
    Will not go into 4WD mode . Fluid level too low
    . Incorrect fluid type
    . Add fluid
    . Replace
    Will not return to 2WD mode Incorrect fluid type Drain and fill the differential
    Gear or bearing noises Fluid level too low
    Incorrect fluid type
    Damaged or chipped gears
    Add fluid
    Drain and f i l l the differential
    Replace the differential carrier
    Overheating . Fluid leveltoo low
    . Incorrect fluid type
    . Add fluid
    . Drain and f i l l the differential
    Fluid leak Fluid level too high
    Clogged breather hose
    Worn or damaged oil seal
    Damaged sealing washer
    Loose mounting bolts or inade-quate
    Lower to proper level
    Clean or replace
    Recheck torque or aPPIY sealant
    1 5 -1 3

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    Mar 2003
    johnart thanks or the info .

    I hope i wont have to replace any parts.

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    Mar 2003
    thanks mbt, malakas pala lumalaklak ng gaso crv.

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