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    Mar 2010
    Mga sirs,

    Need your help regarding my 2001 honda lxi. Last 2weeks , the Lxi stalled and then the CEL came up.I tried starting again after the check engine light turned off but the car would just shut down again. I waited for about 5 mins then it turned on and didnt shut off. Last Friday, it happened again..again i just waited for about 5 mins then the car run again. I noticed that the car stalled when i used it during lunch when it's hot outside. The temperature of the car is ok, didnt overheat. The battery is new.

    I went to have it checked at servitek and they said its the camshaft positioning sensor but i was skeptical so i went to another servitek and have it diagnosed. no error was found and the mechanic told me to observe the car if it happens again.

    Have you guys experienced this? i still use the car everyday and the car haven't stalled since last friday.

    I have no time yet to leave the car at the casa to have it checked.

    Many Thanks!!

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    Mar 2009
    HEllo Bfran,

    The cel can mean a lot of things. It pertains to the engine problem. Please check first your relays under dash, and in the engine compartment.

    If your engine sensors don't give feed back to your engine, it will shut down the engine for protection. If your temperature goes so high, or cant identify the crankshaft position, or cant get any pressure on your fuel, it will shut down. Please ask also about your fuel system...that should be the one thing you check....

    Have your sensor terminal cleaned.

    Please post again whats the update..

    Happy Driving....


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    Mar 2010
    Thanks Marvel67. I'll that this weekend

Help: 2001 Honda Lxi stalls