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    Mar 2007
    inaantay ko pa updates. sana positive. hay. this is giving me a depression

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    Mar 2007

    just got my car. they did clean almost the nooks and crannies of my car. the throttlebody etc etc. and guess what, it did have a very noticeable improvement! i really mean it.

    however, we are still waiting sa response ng honda thailand. which will give the final go if my transmission will be replaced or not. because after thorough data collection, there is this one value that is out of specs. which is related to the transmission. it is the driven pulley speed.

    i am saying that there was a noticeable improvement. i was also offered to drive the jazz of our honda manager here although it was the 1.3S, it is now comparable. but for the sake of peace of mind, our dealer here pushed through with the replacement of the transmission. and we are still awaiting for the response of honda thailand.

    Whats been fixed so far:

    1. the jerk. it is now very subtle. almost unnoticeable. but you can still feel it if you really want to feel it.
    2. the rpm is now stable
    3. deceleration is now normal but somewhat still, uhmm not so satisfied. but tolerable. (remember the driven pulley speed not within specs?)
    4. initial takeoff seemed to improve. parang nagkaroon ng improved torque.
    5. best of all, free of charge, pero naubos aking gas hehe.(kakatest drive nila)

    Its really good that your follow your regular PMS. its your only "friend" when it comes to warranties. and also, sa dami naming honda nabili sa kanila, kulang nalang accord jazz at pilot, nakakatulong rin ito sa support ng dealer sa inyo.

    Manager: napakaloyal mo sa maintenance ha kumpleto records.
    Me: oo syempre, alagang alaga ko itong sasakyan
    Manager: pero ikaw pa yung nagkakaproblema, hehehehe biro lang!
    Me: giggles...

    so far, im very happy. but im looking forward that honda will give the go signal to replace my transmission

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    Dec 2005

    Agree here bro,- for your peace of mind... Keep us up to speed on what's happening.....


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    Jul 2006
    Suy, were glad na nagkaroon ng napakalaking improvement after cleaning etc...kahit hindi pa napapalitan CVT mo eh mukhang OK na. Baka nga hindi CVT problem mo bro ah....

    My co workers city CVTs are still in very good shapes 2004 models......Ok ang CVT, big fan ako ng honda CVT.

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    Mar 2007
    uhmm like i said

    there is this one value that is out of specs. which is related to the transmission. it is the driven pulley speed.
    maybe this will only be a temporary fix. sa tingin ko na offset lang yung problema kasi nalinisan. but according kasi sa data, may problema ang driven pulley speed. so its best to change the CVT

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    Jan 2009
    mukhang change cvt tranny nga kailangan.

    sa aming 1.5vtec city (na 2004 pa) wala naman problem. at binaha pa ito ni Ondoy (pero na flush cvtf 4x ata). running well pa rin beyond 65k km na.

    from the looks of it lemon nga nakuha mo. and though cvt is a far better tranny technology medyo palpak implementation (not design. the faulty use of non-cvtf fluid.) chain cvt ng mitsubishi mas maganda pagkagawa. belt yang Honda cvt.

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    Jun 2007
    any updates po dito sir? may post ako sa kabilang thread regarding cvt prob.. dun sa transmission talk.

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    Mar 2007
    dadalhin ko nanaman next week sa casa. naguumpisa nanaman kasi yung problema ko. medyo nawala kasi nung nilinis lahat ng sensors. ngayon malala nanaman.

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    Dec 2005

    Oh well... mukhang kailangan na ngang palitan iyang CVT mo, bro....


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    Feb 2006
    good luck sayo suy..

    i had similar problem with you but i didnt bother to repair it.. binenta ko na lang ng palugi and too bz to fix it..

    i rather spend time working that fixing hehe..

    marami talaga nag kaka prob sa CVT. i can say more than 75% ang A/T CVT

    but ther are some na nakukuha sa flushing it 3 times

    but i guess yung sayo wala na pag asa..

    to know more about you car

    check out

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