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    Nov 2008
    is it ok for an esi to have 80 amps of alternator installed, my exsisting battery is 1snf motolite maint-free , nasira kasi yung IC nung alternator wala akong mahanap na spare kaya ive just decided to buy a 2nd hand AKA surplus na alternator but unfortunately yun lang yung available... im just quite reluctant baka magkaron ng masamang epekto for battery and car itself.please enlighten me?

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    May 2007
    Sure you can upgrade with no problem. Alternators, especially good ones come with "internal regulators" as to not overcharge your battery...although you would also upgrade your battery to a better one. I find them to be the very best

    The alternator is designed to replace current used from the battery. You should replace the battery with a higher CCA/RC and if you can, go head and replace the Alternator.

    A WORD OF ADVISE...........due to manufacturers design, you may be very limited in the replacement size of the alternator. Available mounting area limited, clocking may have to be changed and re-routing wires.

80 amps alt for 1snf batt?