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    Oct 2002
    the wing actually looks hot. but i'd like one without it better!

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    Nov 2005
    danda, danda... :2thumbsup::2hearts::drool:

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    Aug 2004
    RE: Sedans vs. Coupes...

    Some purists may frown upon the compromises of a sedan... less rigidity than a coupe, more weight, more... weight...

    but for us older enthusiasts, sports sedans (and wagons) are a perfect way of getting the car of your dreams without incurring the wrath of your wife... some of us just can't live with less than four seats and 400+ liters of cargo space.

    (Man pulls up to front door in a brand-spanking new Subarue WRX STi Wagon)
    "I know it's a gas guzzler, honey, but look, we can fit a lot of groceries in the back!"

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    tama.. teka, im not that old..practical lang......

    for example: type-r or SI FD sedan, sana may ULT!(good reason to have a track car w/o a big nag on the missis...)

    take fore example:
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    May 2005

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    Aug 2004
    Hmmm... type R wagon? Hehe... it better be AWD if they do that.

    What's the third pic? Legacy Wagon GT? Awesome car, if it is.

    But as for wagons, make mine an Autech Skyline wagon, with a transplanted RB26DETT.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    USDM SI sedan, forester STI, caldina GT...di ko nasama ung legnum VR4(pating wagon-vr4)....

    hope di nagkakalayo ang price ng SI sedan sa SI coupe...

    SI wagon w/ real-time AWD ng CR-V?
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    Oct 2002
    i would rip out that rear wing, take out all the badges and just be a sleeper R sedan.

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    tama thats what i have in mind too...1.8L-look

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    Oct 2002
    and that big-ass type R decal. those huge badges are enough to let em know what's up.

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220+PS Honda Civic Type-R SEDAN Prototype!!