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    Oct 2002
    Naku madalas pa naman akong bumili dyan sa mckingley hills branch nila pag nightshift ako just before going home. Sarap pa naman ng bacon, ham, cheese (HBC) sandwich nila.

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    Nov 2009
    Good thing is that, both parties had their statements. Nasa sa atin nalang kung sino ang dapat paniwalaan.

    Ano next move ng complainant?

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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by claRkEnt View Post
    here we go again... a complaint story, a rebuttal and new members whose first post is in this thread....

    damage control?
    got to agree dalawa pa silang bagong member and also magkasunod pa post nyhehehhehehehehe damage control nga.

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    Jun 2008
    Bakit umabot sa ganito the way i see it the customer just want truth to what happen and he said no money is envolve, bakit hindi na lang imbestigahan tangalin sa trabaho ang me gawa mag appology, then sana hindi na umabot sa ganito, kakulangan nag manager and management remember your bussiness is depending on people eating in your place but kung ganito madaming mag dadalawang isip na kumain sa place nyo.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSandwichGuy View Post


    The Sandwich Guy abides by the high standards of the food industry in sanitation and food handling. All its branches have an open kitchen and are designed primarily for customers to view the preparation of their sandwiches from start to finish. All its crew inside the kitchen wear aprons and hairnets. When the crew handles food, they wear food grade gloves. All the crew has passed the training for the sanitation and food handling as upheld in the food industry and approved by the franchisor.

    The ingredients of the country tuna sandwich include cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce which are vegetables with high water content. If these vegetables come in contact with freshly grilled warm wheat bread, it will give off some of its water content. Mr. Leovic P. Pablo states in his email that it was a colorless liquid that he found on his sandwich, the same colorless liquid which a cut cucumber, tomato or lettuce will give off when exposed to a warm surface such as a freshly grilled wheat bread, which we already explained to him.

    The major allegations of Mr. Leovic P. Pablo in his email blast against The Sandwich Guy are false. We have always been available to meet with him to try to address this issue in a professional way but after his email blast, we have no choice but to file legal charges against him.

    To all our valued customers, we thank you for your continued patronage. We assure you that we are serving fresh and healthy food that you have been enjoying in the same high standards of sanitation and food handling upheld in the food industry. Thank you very much.


    Reposting our OFFICIAL STATEMENT. It seems that our first post was deleted.

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    Jun 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by cati168 View Post
    Hey i also have a food business! and it's very easy to discredit a certain company! i can just go to any jollibee or mcdo's and tell the people ey i found a cockroach, rat or worm on my burger! sorry ah, naalala ko lang kasi na may ganito na ding ngyari sa kin at hinihingan ako ng 50K ng di ko binigay nag papunta ng media na pinsan buo nya! so I'm sorry, but i'm with the sandwich guy here! Food are being prepared before your eyes diba? so pano mo di makikita na nilagyan ng plema? at may lasa ba yun? kung ginagawa sa ibang resto yun like jolibee or mcdo DI MADAMI NA SIGURO TAYO NAKAIN NA PLEMA! lalo na di naman natin nakikita pano nila hinahanda yun! For me this is very lame! at di tama na gawin mong forum ang internet para sa ganyan! if you want justice you go to courts.. Then you get paid.. diba?
    Depende kung sa branch ng Eastwood sa harap pini-prepare yung sandwich... At naghahanap ka pa ng lasa nun ha...eeewwww!!!

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    Dec 2009
    (plema? eeew!)...mga bata, balik sa berger mashin!

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    Nov 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by redeemed View Post
    peeps, share ko lang din to... kadiri..... read on...

    WOW GRABE E2. LETS POST THIS ISSUE SA FACEBOOK, FRIENDSTER and all social networking sights to warn our kababayans to BOYCOTT this SANDWICH GUY STORE * EASTWOOD

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by dadz View Post
    got to agree dalawa pa silang bagong member and also magkasunod pa post nyhehehhehehehehe damage control nga.
    obvious yung dalawang bagong member...

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    Nov 2005
    the biggest boo-boo that the complainant did was to turn over/entrust the evidence to the accused party. either the complainant is plainly naive or simply stupid (sorry for lack of a better term).

    dyos por santo naman utoy, e napakadaling palitan ng ebidensya na nasa kamay ng akusado. bakit hindi nya pinagkatiwala ang ebidensya sa isang neutral party para sa imbestigasyon? ngayon sya ang gagatasan ng dating akusado na ngayon e complainant na

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    Aug 2008
    nakows pag hindi naayos to at binenta ng owner sa isang soon-to-be girl owner, ang pangalan na nito the Sandwich Girl or Gal.

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