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    Dec 2006
    There are two general kinds of FM Stations in the country. Those that cater to the upper middle class, such as 88.3, 89.1, 89.9, 93.1, 99.5, 107.5, etc, and those that cater to the masses, such as 90.7, 91.5 101.1, 101.9, etc.

    What the TS is referring to is the latter, and such system has evolved only because the listeners have supported it. It's all market-driven. If they suddenly convert their programs into goody-goody shows, chances are, for the case of 90.7 which you happened to be listening to, they would lose their crown as the nation's No.1 radio station. Yep, its shows like that which sells the most.

    A year or two ago, the station 97.1 had a similar set-up two Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1. However, all of a sudden they shifted to the Love Radio 90.7 style of broadcast. One can only speculate that the big wigs of the station (owned by GMA Network) found that doing so was more profitable.

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    Oct 2008
    I think the inherent corniness and lameness of certain DJ's in certain radio stations is even deadlier to kids rather than learning some dirty stuff.

    I mean, your kids will eventually grow up and learn all those things in the end. You'd just have to be there to guide and educate them. But absorbing the DJ's lame sense of humor and corny antics? You'd have doomed them to be the social misfit, the unpopular one in parties, the corny person to which people point and laugh at when your kid's back is turned.

    That's just too cruel.

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    Mar 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    Sa TV madalas ko ring marining yang salitang Chorva.

    Ano ba meaning ng chorva?
    dito sa amin, ang menaing ng chorva ay sopas

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    Jun 2008
    *TS magdala ka na lang ng mp3 player tuwing coding day para di mo madinig yung mga DJ's na yun pag sasakay ka ng FX. masakit talaga pakinggan ang mga yun, maraming double meaning na salita at kung ano-anong kalokohan.

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    Nov 2009
    Tulugan mo nalang ... or bring your own player (eg. walkman/mp3 player)

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    Jan 2007
    "Kaylangan pa bang i-memorize yan? Joke joke joke..."

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by 1997 View Post
    Meron din where they call any number then pretend that the other guy from the other line call them instead... Its not funny for me... Kabastusan yun...
    i think this was originally done and still doing it by "boys night out" nila sam yg, slick rick & tony tony. ginaya na lang sila ng 90.7
    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post
    90.7 nanaman ? talaga yang estasyon na yan.

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    Apr 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by xtremerider View Post
    Have you heard about a standard rating for public most specially movies and television:

    " The following program or scene may not suitable for very young viewers and listeners, Parental Guidance is Recommended "...
    yes, i've heard about the standard ratings... however, it works both ways paps. kaya nga may social responsibility eh. it works hand in hand with parental control/ responsibility. di mo naman pwede bantayan ang anak mo 24/7 that's why these institutions (radio stations, TV, etc) should practice and acknowledge their social responsibility.

    as a parent, we must do everything in our powers to guide our children towards the path that is good and right and fair. and that includes demanding from these institutions that they should air responsibly as well.

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    Sep 2003
    Heard this once on 90.7:

    "Kadyot lang.....kadyot lang!"
    "Bakit ang pera ng Pulis.....lukot?"

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    Apr 2007
    Speaking of Radio Programs. I was once a listener of Good Times at Magic from 6AM to 9AM Monday to Thursday. Then I found Mo Twister too arrogant. I stopped listening to there program since then.

    On my way to work, halos wala ka na ding mapiling Radio Stations na matino.
    Tama yong post ng isa. 2 lang ang klase ng FM Radio Stations dito sa atin. The one for elitists and the one for jologs. Yong sa elitists, I find them boring some times. Kaya I don't listen to them as well. Yong 96.3 sana kaso nag reformat na din sila.

    Kaya lately, I find myself listening to AM na lang pero minsan pangit pa din. Haayz. Wala na bang ibang choice.

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