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    Oct 2011
    My CRV was parked along Shaw boulevard when my wife's bag was stolen! The thieves smashed one of the side windows. What was worse was that there was a security guard on duty! My car has an alarm pero wala naman daw tumunog.

    I know we are not supposed to leave valuables in the vehicle but this was only a simple bag (not an LV). Also, I don't have a trunk since I drive an SUV. This was so surprising and we never thought this would happen to us until it finally did.

    We're not expecting anything even if we reported to the police. Alam naman nating wala tayong mapapala dun...We just feel so violated and helpless.

    Hassle lang ngayon because we have to wait for stock of the window. Now I'm driving around town with a missing window, umuulan pa naman. Hassle.

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    Oct 2002
    Well, charge to experience. Best you may have done was to place the bag inside the floor storage compartment at the rear (the CRV has one if i recall correctly).

    Don't expect much from a Security Guard. Try checking with Aguila and Kar Glass for stock of your window.

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    Nov 2005
    I know we are not supposed to leave valuables in the vehicle but this was only a simple bag (not an LV).

    i dont think they care if it's designer or not

    it's a bag. and a bag has things in it

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    Sep 2005
    san sa shaw blvd sir?

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    Oct 2002
    why would a woman not bring her bag? kahit marami nga shopping bags na dala nagkakaroon ng additonal hand ang mga babae just to strut with their bag.

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    Jul 2006
    Aggressive na mga yan kasi magpapasko na so doble ingat!

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    Sep 2007
    korek sir, aggressive na mga yan ngayon... ang bag sa kanila ay may laman... friend ko nga, nakalimutan nya lang iligpit yung small/pouch bag nya na laman is kikay kit. ayun basag yung passenger side window. ang masaklap pa, sa loob ng mall parking.

    since na uso tong basag window, kahit plastic bag nilalagay ko na talaga sa trunk or ilalim ng chair.. basta ang goal is wala silang makita.. kahit nga mga barya nakatago na rin.

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    Jul 2004
    useless talaga yang mga guwardya na yan

    most, if not all, are underpaid and just go through the motions

    i lost my vehicle's headlamp washer inside the metro parking lot in robinsons forum (pioneer)

    and to think may roving guard daw sila

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    Apr 2007
    Simple. Put Valuables under the Seat and Out of Sight.

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    Jan 2003
    you need one of these

    or just bring a long a black blanket or cloth to cover things in the cargo area

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