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    Jul 2007
    I know some people might think that it's just a side mirror but it's having been stolen from that makes me feel so violated. I decided to drop by at Glorietta like I always do every time I'm in the area. I have an additional reason to drop by this time because of the midnight madness sale. I went in around 3:30 and I decided to leave at 6:30.

    I thought that everything was normal until the time I was driving out of Park Square. I glanced at my left side mirror because I was gonna turn left at Pasay road, only to find out that it was no longer there!!! I was at disbelief and initially I thought that it just fell off so I went back to the parking lot and told the guard my story. We went back to the spot where I parked and the guard searched for the mirror. That's when we started to speculate that it was stolen. I didn't even ask the guard anymore who is accountable for what happened since I know that the parking management has no responsibility for damages or lost vehicles which is actually BS in my opinion. If they were accountable then they'd probably be more thorough with security.

    I called up a friend to find out if it was possible for the mirror to have fallen off and my friend told me that it wasn't possible. I was certain when I left for the mall that my left side mirror was there because I can't park without a side mirror. What irritates me is:

    1. I drive a 12 year old car because I cannot afford to buy a new one, to the HAYOP that stole my side mirror, mag isip isip ka nga! Get a job so you don't have to steal from others.

    2. I heard in the news that crime rate goes up as Christmas approaches, to the MAGNANAKAWS - don't celebrate Christmas if you can't afford it. It is not society's fault that you are poor. Don't give me the "victim" excuse. I know a lot of people who are poor and yet live with integrity and these are the people that I admire.

    3. I feel safe in Makati. I grew up in this area. I've brought my car to places like Taft, Divisoria and Baclaran expecting for the worst and yet it is in Makati, my comfort zone, where my car was harmed.

    4. I am scheduled to have my car repaired tomorrow and it's gonna cost me a lot of money. The Side Mirror is an additional expense plus the hassle of having to look for where I could buy it near my area.

    5. I wonder if these criminals feel guilty at all.

    6. I hate the realisation that the surplus mirror I will be buying could be very well be stolen too! I hope that it's an honest to goodness surplus.

    However, I am thankful to God that it was just a side mirror. I hope that after the scheduled repair tomorrow, my car will not be needing repair for a long time.

    I hope that criminal changes his way.
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    Jun 2006
    Sorry to hear that. It is also probable that someone who has the same car as yours needed the mirror and decided to steal it because he can't buy.

    Anyway, good thing you are safe.

    A side mirror probably costs around 500 bucks siguro.

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    Jul 2007
    Gosh. There's a possibility pa pala that a criminal owns the same car model as mine. May pang gas walang pambili ng side mirror. Buti na lang it's just P500. Could the power side mirror have been damaged when it was forcibly taken out?

    Now my problem is where to buy the side mirror. Talagang pineste ako ng magnanakaw na yun. Grrrr.

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    Jan 2008
    since i had my own car, i always wonder why would they steal a side mirror and what adds up to my curiosity is they steal just one piece! well, maybe they're one of those "steal to order" services...

    sorry to hear about your side mirror cathy, isipin mo na lang pamasko mo na lang dun sa magnanakaw yun

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    Jun 2005
    hanapin mo yan sa evangelista

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    Jul 2007
    DI ako aabot ng Evangelista without a side mirror Saka takot ako sa lugar na yun. Mga maliit na auto shop kaya available?

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    Aug 2008
    may surveillance camera ba ang park square

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy_for_you View Post
    DI ako aabot ng Evangelista without a side mirror Saka takot ako sa lugar na yun. Mga maliit na auto shop kaya available?

    Nanakawan na rin ako ng side mirror sa una kong car. Sa banaue ako nakabili ng replacement. 500 pesos yata yun.

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    Jun 2005
    Sorry to hear about your story. Is this your first time?

    When I still had my Toyota Corolla, my side mirrors were stolen three times. First, at Valero Car Park Building (Makati) - both mirrors. Second, at the back of Pacific Star Building street parking (Makati) - left side. Third, at Kamias/EDSA (QC) - both sides.

    The first time they were stolen, I replaced them, not with the original, but Taiwan made side mirrors as they cost less.

    :coffee: [SIZE="1"]3776[/SIZE]
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    Nov 2007
    sorry to hear what happened Cathy...I had my share of "baklas side mirror " incidents way back when I still own a 93 Corolla Gli....I also know that Adventures and Sentras side mirror are also easy to prick...that's the problem with pay parking...they're just after the money but if something happents in their lot they're not accountable or responsible ...and yes a mirror lense would cost 500 php but chances are it's also stolen.

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Side Mirror Stolen in Park Square