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    Jan 2014
    Report: LTFRB official wants only PUVs on EDSA during rush hours |

    An official of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board has reportedly suggested that EDSA be limited to public-utility vehicles during the morning rush hour on weekdays.

    According to, LTFRB board member Ariel Inton wants to limit EDSA to PUVs on weekday mornings, which will supposedly remove "80% of private vehicles" from the metro's main thoroughfare.

    "We have to give priority to the public-utility vehicles since private cars can find other roads apart from EDSA," Inton was quoted in the report as saying.

    Based on Inton's proposal, private vehicles will be allowed to pass through other roads in the metropolis except EDSA from 6am to 9am, four days a week. From 9am onward, all vehicles will be allowed on EDSA.

    Inton's scheme is essentially a reverse of the current number-coding since, which is based on the last digit of the vehicle's plate number. Under the LTFRB executive's proposal, a vehicle will be allowed on EDSA at any time for only a single day in a week instead of the current four days.

    As to why Inton is proposing such a scheme, it's because, according to him, the big bosses of companies can afford to be late, whereas rank-and-file employees who take public transportation cannot.

    "Let the early birds--like students, teachers and employees--use EDSA and the Metro Rail Transit first, to be followed by middle managers, and then those occupying top positions who don't have to rush going to their offices," Inton explained. "They are those who can perform their specific roles using cell phones and other high-tech gadgets."

    Inton wants to present his proposal to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority soon.

    What do you think, private car owners?
    Mga bros and sis
    what do you you think?

    and I don't think big bosses of companies like
    could afford to be late
    Nakakahiya kaya sa mga simpleng manggawa
    boss nila late
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    Jul 2007
    Please tell me this is satire.

    We are a country run by morons. The idiot probably owns a bus company.

    Where does he get his stupid assumptions that the only cars that pass in EDSA belong to management and that it is okay for bosses to be late? Good leaders are role models for employees. Our bosses are normally first to come and last to leave.

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    Jul 2012
    Makes me wonder if they're really just stupid, or really just stupid. Or serious stupid. Or alpha stupid.

    Anung klaseng katwiran na pwede naman malate yung mga boss? Ibig sabihin din ba nito magdadagdag sila ng PUVs?

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    May 2006
    potek saan ba pinagpupulot mga tao sa gobyerno o may balak lang siyang tumakbo sa eleksiyon

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    Jan 2014
    Tapos ang Public transportation natin
    ay piece of sh*#
    mga LRT panahon pa
    ni Marcos
    Mga jeep dilapidated
    panahon pa ni cory
    kinakalawang na at halos
    nakatagilid na

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    Sep 2012
    Baka naman sinasabi nya, Bosses sa government offices kasi ganun trabaho ng mga bosses niya...

    Sa amin, executives come as early as 7 am and if there is a ManCom meeting late na rin umuwi.

    Sa middle management, even though we can come late, hindi rin ma afford kasi matatambakan ng items for review sa trinabaho ng mga staff at baka umabot sa ma pending target deliverables.

    Kitang kita sa kanya na tumanda na sya na mediocore ang targets leche sya

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    Oct 2002
    Talagang utak biya itong nasa gobyerno! Ang bobo mag isip ng solusyon, talagan istupido! Nasa talampakan yung utak! Sayang lang ang pinapa sweldo sa kanila para sa ganyang pag iisip.

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    Jul 2006
    bravo ltfrb, keep it up!!!

    maganda ipasara na lang ang edsa para wala talaga traffic

    we are hopeless

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    Aug 2004
    Well... looking at it practically... it would be easier if everyone took public transport.


    1. Most of the traffic occurs because of chokepoints.

    1.1 Only one of those chokepoints is caused, in part, by private vehicles... that's the Magallanes flyover... where cars crossover to U-Turn left onto EDSA from Sergio Osmena... blocking everyone coming up the flyover from EDSA>

    1.2 The rest of the chokepoints are caused by buses, due to our inadequate terminal system. Only Megamall has a proper roadside terminal. And even then, the buses don't use it, if they can get away with it.

    2. We don't have enough public transport to handle the volume of traffic.

    2.1 During peak hours, the wait for buses is incredible, and the buses are already incredibly overcrowded.

    2.2 The MRT is now singularly inadequate, and MRT stations merely serve as additional chokepoints where passengers hail down buses, jeeps and taxis.

    2.3 Does he take into account the increase in taxi traffic and the increased wait time, and therefore, enhanced chokepoint generation, of all those taxis?

    3. Bosses can afford to be late.

    3.1 Does he understand the saying "Time is money"? Apparently not.

    3.2 Spoken like a true boss.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2013
    dont forget the pedestrians and counterflowing pedicabs who has total disregard of traffic rules. ooops saka pala yun mga traffic enforcers na hindi sila pinapansin dahil wala naman delihensya. case in point, corner of j. vargas and adb ave. this is total mayhem when throngs of pedestrian cross aimlessly despite of the redlight. busy mga enforcers dito manghuli ng mga violators ng number coding at yun mga nakapwesto sa kaliwa na didiretso. pwede nga tumawid dito habang nagka cart wheel eh hehehe

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