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    Dec 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    Maybe concentrated chili oil in denatured alcohol would work better? (anarchist black book; homemade tear gas). Harmless physically but painful to the eyes and nose (if inhaled). It would impair the dog's vision for a while too. I don't think the dog would forget that lesson for the rest of it's life.
    Lol, you look like someone I don't wanna antagonize.

    Oh, biological approach? Gawing pabango ang tiger piss

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    Mar 2012
    anu na kayang course of action ginawa ni TS dito? is the dog still breathing?

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    Oct 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by stickers View Post
    anu na kayang course of action ginawa ni TS dito? is the dog still breathing?
    If it were somebody else more...passionate, not TS, maybe.

    Through a tube.

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    Mar 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by motoring guy View Post

    call Cesar Milan a dog whisperer to discipline the dog

    Yung local version na lang : The Pinoy Dog Whisperer

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by birdvet View Post
    In my opinion, that is what you have to do.

    Remember it is not the dog's fault, it's natural for the dog to protect it's "territory". And it's the responsibility of it's human masters to correct this instint. The law is there, there are people who should be enforcing the law. Make them do their job.

    Hope this will be resolved soonest. Stay safe..
    agree! its not the dog's fault! its the owners---so- sumbong mo kaya kay Tulfo?

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    Aug 2011
    it's always the owner's fault!

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    Jun 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by muse View Post
    i've a had several run-ins with my next-door neighbor's dog.
    what the dog does is that when they honk to call their maid to open their gate, the dog would wiggle under the small opening and will chase anyone within range of their property, and unfortunately, i live right next to them.

    my first run-in was when i was jogging in the morning and neighbor honks then dog charges towards me, chasing me half a block away.
    my daily car is outside. there were a couple of times of me rushing into my car as the dog darts towards me.

    the incident that pushed me was this one.
    around 9pm when i was really tired from my commute with my gf from the dfa.
    as we got near my house, they were blowing their horn to call the maid, the dog gets out chases me.
    i learned this move my cousin told me about crouching down and reaching to your side to chase askals away and it worked, sort of.
    i blocked it away from my gf, but it was still trying to lunge at me as i backed a bit from fear of getting bit.

    i yell out to them to get the dog, but they ignored me. it really pissed me off that they would ignore me, but we were too tired to knock over there and just went home.

    the next morning, i complained about it to the barangay, but their response was to just talk it out.

    i walk to their main door and ring their bell, but no one answers. it's just the dog barking.

    a week or so passes during some weekend afternoon and as i got to my car, i see their car driving by and honking to have maid open their gate.

    i opened my car door to use as a shield and waited for the dog to come out. it does and while the dog charges i honked at the neighbor and yelled out to them.

    woman driving the car was afraid as i was yelling at her to get the dog. she calls out to the maid and she rushed to get the dog.

    i was very frustrated becuase i have a fear of going outside my house becuase of this ****ing dog. i dont want rabies or any injuries.

    a week passes and i dont see the dog, but recently the dog has done it again.

    what other methods can be done about this?

    info of dog: its a "aspin" (asong pinoy). they dont walk it, but i have seen their kids walk outside and the dog getting out, doing the same thing to anyone near the kids.

    it looks like a great guard dog, but this is really inconsiderate.

    i f'n hate irresponsible pet owners!!
    Mayron ako kaibigan na similar ang problema. Binigyan niya yung aso ng sandwich na basa ng beer. Nalasing yung aso, hindi makabangon at bumubula ang bibig. Nag panic ang may-ari. Akala mamamatay na ang aso. So kinatay at kinain ang aso. Tapos ang problema.

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    Jun 2011
    Mayron ako kaibigan na ganyan din problema. Binigyan niya ng sandwich na basa ng beer. So hindi makabangon yung aso sa lasing at bumubula pa ang bunganga. Akala ng may-ari mamamatay na aso niya. So kinatay at kinain yung aso. Tapos ang problema.

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    May 2006
    The most humane way is to give the dog lots of kitkat

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    Jun 2007

    i finally saw one of the residents while i was cleaning my car.
    it was a kid in his early teens and another younger child, probably a sibling.

    he walks out to buy something from the sari store a street away and i see the dog wiggle out from under the gate and follows them.
    i stood there waiting for them to return.
    within a few minutes they return and i call out to the kids. the younger kid walks back inside and ignores me and the dog follows, but still the dog tuens back and is still peering out under the gate, watching the older kid and barking while i tell the situation with the dog.
    i told him to tether the dog and leashing it if you walk.

    he complies

    it was all quiet and didn't hear the dog even bark from my room, until a couple weeks later. as i walk to my car and about to start it, their car pulls up to their gate and dog wiggles out

    the dog darts after people walking around and i blared out my horn.
    same situation of the woman driving the car was worried and maid rushes to call in the dog, but still a frightening experience for anyone in the area.

    i told her to hold their dog, but i don't think that maid understood me. she just gives me this confused look like this **** is normal. i had to go somewhere and was late so i just left.

    this happened a few days ago and no one is home again so i'll wait until the end of the holiday.

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