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    Oct 2002
    Lumabas kami ni misis para bumili ng siopao, on the way back to malate along taft ave., I was supose to take remedios then right sa leon guinto then left at nakpil since wala naman left turn sa nakpil coming from taft.

    For some reason lumagpas ako and just have to turn right na lang at Malvar, while I was in a stop position at nakpil/taft stop light since naka red light, a mobile patrol parked at my side and flashed the hand held halogen spot lamp, So we rolled down the window since naka all black tint ang van namin, the police said to park the van in front of P.W.U w/c is very dark!

    I got freaked out, coz that didnt look good, and take note naka stop kami so I dont think na may violation ako, what I did next was crazy!

    I decided to ditch them, I turned left na agad sa nakpil from taft, super hataw ako! So ang ginawa nila hinabol nila ako! I also noticed na hindi sila gumamit ng siren or the blinking lights tapos parehas lang kami naka hazard lights, they would only use the siren and lights pag tatawid ng intersection!

    So something is fishy and I didnt want to stop, we had a chase all over Malate and since I cant ditch them I decided to go home, pag dating sa Vasquez st. medyo na iwan sila a bit and they decided to start shooting!!!

    Buti na lang walang tumama! I was able to lose them for 4minutes (thank god for V6 power!), pag dating sa gate namin hindi agad na buksan kaya na kita nila agad kami, I decided not run anymore, bumaba sila, nakatutok sa amin ang mga M16 nila, with out them knowing na building ko na kung saan kami naka park, yung guard namin tinawag ang lawyer namin since doon din nakatira.

    Pinag hiwalay kami ng pulis ng misis ko, we were both at each side of the van, she tried to go to me but the police hesitated but she got a good view of the front interior since the doors were open.

    The Police searched the van, my wife saw the bastard plant a small box (white medicine box ng mercury drug store), Tapos lumabas yung pulis patola saying he found a small box with shabu contents!!!

    But you know what? Lahat sila namumula! hindi sa galit kundi lahat sila naka inom! their breath gave off the scent that they were drinking!!!

    Dumating ang lawter namin, I told him what happend, and my lawyer said to them that he will sue each one of them for harrasing us, planting the drugs and for being toxicated while on duty!!!

    At first pinipilit nila na sa amin daw ang drugs! So we said, sige, pa finger print na lang natin since hindi naman namin hinawakan yun at nilagay nila yun with their bare hands!

    So, ang nang yari umalis na lang sila since obviously they had bad intentions with us at sila rin ang ma-iipit.

    Ang mali lang namin ay pinabayaan na lang, dapat tinuluyan na!

    Kaya advice ko sa inyo, pag gigimik kayo dito, always take the main roads of Malate, keep out of the dark side streetsm minsan makikita niyo sila umiinom at nakatambay sa Guerrero st. sa isang karinderya.

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    Oct 2002
    Ala speed!

    I was testing my Ford Escort one night sa Roxas boulivard, from Malate humataw ako and then drove normally na pag dating ng Diamond hotel.

    Aba! May humataw na bus tapos dun siya sa may most right side ng road, e hindi pa naman pantay dun, pa alon-alon pa naman ang side na yun!

    Kaya alam niyo kung ano nang yari?

    Ayun! tumatalon-talon ang harap ng bus! Sparks from the under carriage of the bus flew everywhere!

    Tawa kami ng tawa ng barkada ko wathcing the bus fly over the bumps of the road and to see the drivers face from the side desperately keeping the bus in control from any collision!

    Buti na lang rin at walng gaanong tsikot at that time, kundi that would be a disaster. It was a sight to remember, its not everyday you see a bus racing and going off the ground.

    Ang lakas ng loob nun! Ginawa pang rally ang bus! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Oct 2002
    man! you got some wild stories there! :lol: :lol: :lol: crazy bus drivers :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    dang... stories like this really make me hate cops even more...

    makes me feel like there aren't any good cops left in the country...

    good thing you got home dude... although... you should have just tried to loose them some more... not show them where you live.... they could use this for evil purposes...

    hope everything works out right

    as that PNP general said... DON'T TRUST ALL COPS !!!
    problem is... if you don't know which cop to trust... who can you turn to... hmm... i guess the media is one...


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    Oct 2002
    i wish the Phil. would just eliminate the use of Guns by cops or civilians... like Hong Kong and Britain...

    Less guns there are on the street... less killing...

    Guns don't kill... people do... GRRRR!!!!:evil::evil::evil:

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    Oct 2002
    When I was a kid naalala ko these bunch of cops nagaabang ng huhuliin sa may EDSA. Pinahinto dad ko... andun kami buong pamilya sa car (Lance L Type coupe)... ayun yung mga pulis amoy beer sabi ng dad ko.

    I even remember one of them saying when they were about to flag another car... uy pula plaka wag yan.

    Damn Bad cops! :evil: :x

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    Oct 2002
    I know may pulis pa na matino kahit papaano, but what the rest has done, parang instead of at ease ka pag nandyan sila, ngayon e parang kakabahan ka pag may tumabi o may makita kang pulis.

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    Oct 2002
    parang yung kwento na sino ang magaling na parak sa buong mundo

    US cops- 5 mins nasa crime scene

    Australian cops - 10 mins nasa crime scene

    English cops - 15 mins nasa crime scene

    Pinoy cops - before , during , after nasa crime scene

    kuha ninyo guys ? pinoy cops talaga lufeet !

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    Oct 2002
    hehehe... good one DSM...

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    Oct 2002
    I was stopped twice in two months in Binondo area... almost in the same place pa!

    The first time, they just aimed their powerful halogen light into my face and into the car's interior. Wala naman physical search or anything.

    Second time, they asked me for my car's registration papers pa!

    Nothing untoward happened though. Just the hassle of getting stopped.

    Of course there are those other times some cops tried to flag me down along EDSA and other major roads. I jsut continued driving but I took a glance or two in my rear view mirror just in case if they got on their motorbikes. usually they don't.

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Malate cops/ Reckless bus sa Roxas blvrd.