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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by scharnhorst View Post
    ang problema sa mga jeep at trike e wala silang pambayad pag nakadisgrasya sila ng auto.

    since they get away with it through "bayad kamot", there's no incentive for them to drive carefully.
    me mga operator naman mga yan e. nong ako tinamaan ng xlt, kamot ulo nong driver.hanggat di dumating yong operator nya di kami nagkasundo.

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    Oct 2003
    sometime in the early 90's, ginawang preno ng tricycle ang kotse ko. warak ang bumper ko. at nangyari ito sa harap pa mismo ng bahay ng lola ko. nang mukhang wala talaga akong makukuhang compensation from the tricycle driver, papabayaan ko na lang sana. when all of a sudden, lumabas ang lola ko at pinagmumura ang lokong tricycle driver. hahaha dahil sa gulong gawa ng lola ko, ayun, napansin ng mga tanod at nakinig sila sa lola ko. arestado tuloy ang mokong. anong laban niya sa lola?

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    Oct 2006
    Wala bang lawmaker na kikilos para maisaayus mga pesteng tricycle? O kahit MMDA?

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    May 2005
    Dapat ata e turuan ni Bayani lahat ng LGU's or much better na ipa-manage na natin kay Bayani buong Pilipinas e.

    Bayani Fernando po ha nde kay Bayani Agbayani....

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    Dec 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by hominid View Post
    Wala bang lawmaker na kikilos para maisaayus mga pesteng tricycle? O kahit MMDA?
    No, because alam nila mababawasan ang votes nila in any upcoming election if ever (see previous posts about an illegal tricycle terminal made 'official' by lawmaker)

    For the MMDA's part, most of the time they don't have the power to affect any REAL change.

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    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by flex View Post
    ako on my way home tonight...un isang tricycle huminto pa naman sa kalsada at nakipagusap sa kasama nya....binusinahan ko wala pa din....
    D2 naman sa parking samin sa gabi, wala na halos sasakyan. Ang mga tricycle driver na nagpapark, sa entrance pa ng parking pumaparada/humaharang, eh ang luwag na sa loob at wala ng sisingil sa kanila. Wala rin naman sa kanila sasakay dahil wala naman nag-uuwian dun sa bldg. Ewan ko kung anong trip ng mga yan.

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    Oct 2004
    pag binangga kayo, pag walang pambayad kunin niyo yun tricycle o jeep nila para matutong magbayad at para hindi na umulit

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    Mar 2007
    Guys.... keep your cool hats.

    1. count your blessings.

    These tricycle drivers spend the whole day under the heat of the sun or gets soaked under heavy monsson rains as well as get exposed to bacterias and viruses during floody days - all while making a descent living so they can bring food to the table. While all of you, cn kick back and relax in the Airconditioned Comforts of a Shaldan flavoured soundproofed - Audio-Video Equiped rooms of your SUV's, Sedans, or Hatchbacks. They drive their P60T worth vehicle outside with 90% of their lives exposed to life threathening elements... worst is - their bodies act as their second line of defense during a collision course... While you have the sturdy roll cage and some air bags to cushion your head if need be.

    2. Remove your Prejudices.

    I am pretty sure, you have at least 1 friend, relative, classmate, employee, acquiantance who is, was or will be a tricycle driver or a jeepney driver. This is the easiest job to enter and is readily available in the job market or the business market. Your secretary's father could be one of these guys for heavens sake. Honking your horn on them is actually disrespectful.... there is a subtle way to signal them... and there is a proper way of honking at them. A friendly honk will be 2 very short honks... this is not annoying to the ears and it will generate a smile from their faces... courtesy follows after the smile. - But you need to also smile. Don't look at them like you are a "NEWLY RICH" snob... for sure - they will not like that and will have a tendency to hog the road. Have you ever rode a tricycle and somebody honks his horn behind with one long beep?... that brings about 100 decibels in the meter - you will not appreciate it... and pretty sure - what you are saying here - you will be saying against that owner of that Fortuner, Pajero, Civic - etc.

    3. Remember - they have more honor that you do with your Foreign Made Car

    These guys - well maybe most of them got their driving licenses the easy way have at least more dignity than all of us since they are driving at least a more local vehicle which symbolizes Patriotism and Nationalism. It's also epitomizes the PInoys resiliency against the harsh elements of reality... it strives against all the impoverishing elements of the world like "A SMALL SCRATCH OR DENT" ... I bet you dont have peace of mind leaving your car parked outside Divisoria? Because a small scratch on your Non-Local Car will cost you about P5,000 up to P35,000 or maybe more in repair and paint up using IMPORTED Materials as well.

    Pinoys are really suckers for Auto Vanity... Ok sana ito if we are making our own country rich... kaso, those who made those cars... are also the stockholders of the paint materials you are using in it's upkeep. So kahit saan ka pumunta - sa kanila pa rin pupunta pera mo. Kung pinaghirapan mo man ang pera mo from abroad... and you bought your foreign made car... bumalik agad sa kanila pera mong pinaghirapan... another thing... you need to maintain the car of course... magkano maintenance mo? - have you ever made a computation?... well - papunta pa rin sa kanila pera mo. Maiiwan lang sa atin... yung para sa mga laborer na hahawak ng auto mo everytime you bring it to the casa.

    4. Remember the Filipino Driver in America Joke.

    There was once a Pinoy who came to america... His american friend thought he is one of the best drivers in the whole world because - He can drive in the Philippines.... so - He allowed the PInoy to drive in downtown New York. The american was impressed how this Pinoy would be beating the Red Light .... in fact, he was able to beat it in the nick of time for some 3 to 6 crosspoints.... but when they came to the 7th intersection. The light was red. Pinoy waited patiently... and when the light finally turned Green... he wasn't moving. Everyone was Honking their Horns behind him... causing a slight traffic. the American - a bit frustrated... asking - What in the world are you waiting for? Why aren't you moving?... Pinoy said calmly... "there might be another Filipino Driving around"....

    So guys... be kind to yourself. Know the psychology of Jeepneys and Tricycles... don't think they are driving comfortably like you are so better drive with prudence and a launching distance. always keep away from them... don't tail gate them... only stupid people tailgate a tricycle or a jeepney.... this is going down to their level if you believe you are higher tha their level that is.

    A parked tricycle is a dangerous tricycle... keep at least 6 meters distance when passing a parked tricycle... because they have a bigger steering angle than a car... tricycle drivers are mostly turn at the spur of the moment and you will always be shocked when they suddenly appear in front of you while you're passing. And Jeeps on the other hand - stops randomly at the spur of the moment while you're tailgating them.

    Driving defensively is your right as a more priveledged road user. Having such nobility in your mobility entitles you to act civilly and more nobly.... having this priveledge doesn't give you the right to be rude, ruthless, arrogant or uncivilized. you have nothing to prove to them anyway so just don't do it.

    I hope this has shed some light.

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    Oct 2006
    Tama rin.

    Pero an MV is an MV. It can kill. Kaya dapat lahat responsible, PUJ o MC/tricycle or what.

    Tama, todo stay away tau sa kanila. Sana nga separate na roads natin sa kanila.

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    Dec 2005
    The tricycle and jeepneys has as much right on the road as we do and problema lang naman eh yun mga inconsiderate na sa gitna papara na pwede naman itabi. Ano bang problema sa itabi? Ayaw kasi nya na maunahan sya nung jeep sa likod para kuha nya lahat ng pasahero, naghahanap buhay nga sya, eh may hanapbuhay din naman tayo, kailangan din naman natin umabot sa office on time. Napakahirap bang itabi yun jeep o tricycle kung magsasakay o baba?

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