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    [SIZE=2]The Journal Online
    October 11, 2007 05:20 PM Thursday

    It happens there, too: Motorist gets enraged, shoots pedestrians

    MOSCOW (AFP) - The streets of Moscow got a touch meaner when a motorist, enraged because three young pedestrians crossed the street too slowly in front of him, rolled down his window and shot them, a newspaper said Monday.

    "Stupidly, disgustingly, a real war on the streets of Moscow is continuing," the mass market daily Komsomolskaya Pravda commented in its report of the shooting incident which occurred late Monday in the Russian capital.

    At least two of the pedestrians were rushed to the hospital, one having been shot in the chest and another in the arm and leg, the report said, without specifying whether any of the three died.

    The paper quoted a witness describing how the driver, identified as a 29-year-old native of Azerbaijan, first shouted at the pedestrians to hurry up and then pulled out a pistol and fired at them.

    The report came two weeks after the driver of a black Mercedes shot and killed a 28-year-old road construction worker and wounded another, aged 40, both from Georgia.

    The driver had demanded the workers pay to repair his car which was damaged when he sped through a construction site, according to reports in local media.

    Separately, a 62-year-old women was killed Monday when she was struck and thrown 15 metres (50 feet) by a BMW with special license plates registered to the presidential administration, the paper reported.

    Witnesses said the driver of the car, also equipped with a blue flashing light on the roof, a fixture reserved for government VIPs in Moscow, said the driver did not attempt to brake for the woman as she crossed the street.

    The driver of the car, named as Pyotr Zlobin, remained at the scene of the accident and told police he had tried to slow down, the paper said.

    Streets of the Russian capital have become clogged in recent years with automobiles, many of them luxury foreign imports, amid a continuing economic boom and an attendant influx of people from throughout the ex-Soviet Union.


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    nakakainis naman talaga yun mga mababagal maglakad eh, i'm not people who's on the pedestrian lane, ang tinutukoy ko eh yun mga Green light na pipilitin pang tumawid tapos mabagal pa, kunyari titingin pa kung saan. Sarap talaga pinahan mga ganun e.

It happens there, too: Motorist gets enraged, shoots pedestrians