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    Feb 2004
    if i'm not mistaken, kilala ko yung may ari ng fortuner na na-car-jack sa white plains. i won't mention any names pero he lives within the village where my parents are in. actually, sya ang nagda-drive nung fortuner with his wife. may ari sya ng several gas stations in the metro. i think hindi ito random carjacking, the perpretrators know who they'll strike and when. kaya tama yung isang suggestion dito, always change your routes, don't ply the same route everyday kse dito ka nagiging vulnerable.

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by LowRev
    if i'm not mistaken, kilala ko yung may ari ng fortuner na na-car-jack sa white plains. i won't mention any names pero he lives within the village where my parents are in. actually, sya ang nagda-drive nung fortuner with his wife. may ari sya ng several gas stations in the metro. i think hindi ito random carjacking, the perpretrators know who they'll strike and when. kaya tama yung isang suggestion dito, always change your routes, don't ply the same route everyday kse dito ka nagiging vulnerable.
    The above post confirms the story of this thread. For me, the installation of a reliable anti-hijacking device is in order. My take.

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    Sep 2005
    My Fortuner, My New Textmate: Thanks to TextAlert!

    I had it in my car since last week. I was a little hesitant to post my review because of security concerns. A security device must remain a secret to achieve its ultimate purpose. I was also concerned with the secrecy of TxtAlert's functions; however, after consulting the group, they gave me the go-signal to post my review (and some proddings from some members of this group); what concerns them though is a DPA in one of the demos, neither us will know.

    I am posting my mini-review for the benefit of the members of this website; I am returning the favor that this site has given me, in terms of valuable information. It was also through this site that I discovered TxtAlert -- thanks to Cesar. This review does not intend to promote the device in any way -- it will still be your take in the end.

    Since its "re-launch", I was the first one who PMd Cesar and demanded a brochure and a demo; it was granted. Immediately after the demo, I had the device scheduled for installation. The group gladly obliged to install it in our house in Cavite.

    Honest as they are, they informed me that it was their first time to install it in a Fortuner. I said, "Okay lang yan, I believe in your device so you can have my car as your test car (guinea pig)." It would greatly help them if they have the electrical manual of the vehicle. I assure you now, particularly to the Fortuner owners, that the group has perfected the installation of TxtAlert -- after a not-so-laborious installation.

    I purposely limited TxtAlert's general character to five, as presented below. You may PM me or Cesar for further details.

    1. TxtAlert is GSM-dependent. I suggest that you choose the provider that you are currently using on your cellphone. This is to save from SMS costs and a faster reply time from your new textmate.

    2. TxtAlert is password-protected. Just like our ATMs and any security device, you can program your own password -- a combination of 4 alpha-numeric-symbols. Yes, you can also use any of the existing symbols in your cellphone. You can use any cellphone to give a "designated command", via SMS, to your new textmate, so long as you know the password. Your new textmate will only reply to your "master" cellphone after a command is performed.

    3. TxtAlert knows of only one Master. You can program any cellphone to be your new textmate's "master". It is only through this "master" cellphone where your new textmate will reply via SMS. So, even if you use another cellphone to send a command, it will be your "master" cellphone which will receive the reply from your new textmate.

    4. TxtAlert is configured to specific commands. The inventor of this device has already set the essential commands to prompt your new textmate. You can either PM me or Cesar for these commands. The "reaction time" of your new textmate primarily depends on your GSM-provider's reliability.

    5. TxtAlert is independent from your existing anti-theft device. You can still use your vehicle's remote alarm system the way it is being used before. The two devices do not conflict with each other.

    TxtAlert is a very ideal device against carjacking and carnapping situations.

    In a carjacking situation, you may surrender your vehicle without any hesitation and/or resistance; it will depend on your "rehearsed/practised" reaction. After a safe distance, you can immobilize your vehicle by sending a specific command using any cellphone. Your worry now is what if your cellphone was also stolen? Well, you have to find a cellphone right away! Also, it is important for you to remember your new textmate's cellphone number. Find a way to do it in case that you are "shocked" by the event. I once jokingly said to my wife to write my new textmate's number in all my briefs, hahaha. I gave my new textmate's number to my wife and all the members of the family, except the password, which my wife also knows because of necessity, and to "track/locate" me (a downside, hehe). You must also have an idea, if possible, of your vehicle's relative location after the incident. This is to facilitate its recovery. You may use your GSM's locator/tracker.

    When you park your vehicle, you can arm/disarm TxtAlert either by miss-calling or texting a specific command to it. If you miss-call, you will not receive a reply, no extra cost; if you text, your new textmate will reply after performing your command. By arming/disarming, there is a dual effect: TxtAlert will be armed/disarmed, meaning, it will now be prompted to send you SMS messages, and the doors will be locked/unlocked. The "immobilizer" function is independent and you have to prompt the command.

    So, in a carnapping situation, or in any unconsented use of your vehicle, you will be informed by your new textmate via text, if a "door is opened", or "engine was started". If you opt for an optional upgrade of the device, you can install a shock sensor; hence, you can also be informed if your vehicle was "shocked". These messages will naturally prompt you to check on your vehicle, or "immobilize" it by sending a text command, especially if "engine was started".

    Aside from TxtAlert's GSM-dependability, it is also dependent on your car's battery. In a carjacking/carnapping situation, it is seldom that the criminals unplug your battery cable; unless, they will pull your vehicle. Disconnecting the battery cable is often the MO of criminals who steal things inside your vehicle; by this time, though, you have already been alerted when a door was opened (or was "shocked"), before they can even pull the hood lever. An optional upgrade would be to have a back-up battery, if you really need one.

    After you shell-out the device's purchase price plus installation fee, and the cost of the SIM card, your only other recurring expense is the SMS cost of your cellphone and your new textmate's. So, make sure that yours and your new textmate's SIM is always loaded. Mine is Globe; I bought the Php300.00 card; it will last for 60 days; the "pasa-load" thing seems to be impractical and more expensive because of its short life-span.

    As stated above, you can still use your "default" alarm system along with TxtAlert. They function independently. It is good. If the other fails, you still have the other one. Actually, you can also use TxtAlert solely for the purpose of protecting your vehicle. If the area is dangerous, better to arm both devices.

    It is a must that your vehicle is equipped with centralized-power locking system. Arming and disarming not only prompts TxtAlert but also locks/unlocks your doors. Since your "default alarm system"/remote also locks/unlocks the doors, you have to lock/unlock your vehicle using your "default alarm system"/remote; if not, your vehicle will sound your "alarm" if it was disarmed/unlocked using TxtAlert. It is again emphasized that the two devices work independently and "cannot read" each other's command(s). If your car does not have a "default alarm system", you do not have to install one; TxtAlert will do the job.

    One of the useful function of TxtAlert is you can check how much load your device has using any cellphone, by texting a specific command; replies to the master cellphone. So, you do not have to remove the SIM from its console everytime. What is a minor downside is the reloading of the SIM; I had to remove the SIM from the console to reload; well, every two (2) months naman and it is not really a hassle.

    One more thing, TxtAlert is programmed in such a way that messages are deleted after some time; hence, the "Inbox" will never be full. TxtAlert can receive your commands 24/7 so long as there is signal.

    Another useful command is the verification of the "status" of your car; whether TxtAlert is armed/disarmed, or the immobilizer is on/off, or a sensor was activated.

    Regarding the location of the device, I suggest that the device should be located where you can easily access it but hidden from prying eyes. This is to visually check the status of TxtAlert's GSM's strong/weak signal, to see if it is functioning properly, and to reload your SIM. In my Fortuner, I was the one who suggested the location; it is now being suggested by Cesar's group; you can choose your own though.

    I hope that my impromptu review/post will, at least, for the moment, satisfy your curiousity about TxtAlert. You can post further queries, or PM Cesar about it.

    Thanks for giving me a new textmate, TxtAlert!

    Easy driving!

    Disclaimer: The above post is my personal opinion/feedback about TxtAlert and does not intend to promote TxtAlert. It is your take in the end.

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    Dec 2003
    sounds good! but reliability remains to be seen, ive exprienced screw ups on expensive alarm systems to mid range anti theft systems. i'd hate to think what would happen if that system screws up on you, especially when your driving on the highway. more electronic gizmos generally means more things that can go wrong. but in fairness its still new, have to wait for users' testimonies i guess.

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    Feb 2003
    Just Pm me once u decided to avail Txtalert. Dun sa di nakaattend ng demo last thurs, we have another demo tom sun 6 nov at same place and time. See u there!

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    Jul 2005
    This Textalert gadget will just give Carjackers the "IDEA" of not leaving you alive after taking your vehicle so as not to give you a chance to immobilize your car!!!!!!

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    May 2005
    What if the thieves decide to use a jamming device for the GSM signal?

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    Dec 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by number001
    What if the thieves decide to use a jamming device for the GSM signal?
    yes, signal jammers are readily available on the market, less than 10k and you can have one that can jam cellphone signals for up to a 10 meter radius..hmmmm

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    Oct 2002
    better let them take the car and just claim from your insurance. kung meron kang textalert, and you are carnapped, then you trigger the alarm or immobilized the car, kung ako yung nagcarnap, sisirain ko nalang yung sasakyan in desperation. e di mas sakit ulo lang ang inabot mo.

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    Jun 2005
    I'd rather insure my car than install any kind of anti-carnapping device. Think about it!
    Napapalitan ang kotse, ang buhay hindi.... once na nalaman ng carjacker na me immobiliser yung ride mo baka isama ka pa.

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