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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    are you sure you miss the good old days of TGP?... from that you have been writing, you seem to be pretty chummy with VBS given the way you are defending VBS' actions and responses online.
    so what if i'm chummy? i'm also quite chummy with mike black and the rest of the others within the circle. hell, i might even approach you one of these days and give you a friendly slap on the back. but then, you can't seem to really figure out what i'm saying bout those "good old" days, no?

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    Oct 2002
    hehe... I got three TGP back issues (2 from Mike Black & 1 from VBS) for just 100 petot.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Memphis Raines View Post
    Yup, then they will have to make it hard-bound dahil sa sobrang kapal

    And that's just with GH's foreword...

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    Jul 2006
    hehe strike 2 na si Vernon. Isa na lang, and he;ll be known as the man who effed up the Top Gear Gig.

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From a column in Top Gear's October Issue...