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    Feb 2008
    gud pm broders..
    i just want to warn everyone of these f&*^% sobs who i think is in their attack modes this xmas season..
    just this afternoon at about 4pm, my in laws' house was almost robbed..
    as we were just a few meters away from our house, i noticed a car parked in front of our small lawn and didn't pay much attention to it thinking that it's my neighbor's i went out of my car to open the gate..i didn't notice that a man just went out of our service gate..
    when my wife asked the lady who was sitting on the passenger side who are they looking for, thinking that they're a friend of my sister-in-law, they just sped thinking something's bad, i immediately memorized the plate number..
    JHO 333 toyota corolla '94 light green..
    i hurriedly went inside and checked our small gate in our terrace and found out that the man attempted to destroy the padlock..luckily he was not successful and we arrived just in son saw 2 ladies sitting at the back and 1 is medyo older na raw..siguro para di masyado halata at di paghinalaan ng mga guards ay mga babae na rin ang kasamang tumitira..
    i checked for the record of JHO 333 in lto via text and the result was no record found..

    so broders just want to share this to warn everyone..luckily i didn't go directly to the service gate and who knows what might happen if we see eye to eye in that situation and i'm sure he was armed..

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    Oct 2002
    would you care to say where exactly did it happen.

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    Feb 2008
    jane de joya st bf resort las piñas pre..sigurado ako nag iikot lang mga yan at naghahanap ng mga mabibiktima..ingat nalang at tingnan muna ang paligid kung may mga kahinahinalang indibidwal bago bumaba ng sasakyan lalo kung madilim na..

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    Dec 2005

    Bro.,- di ba may guwardiya kayo sa bukana ng inyong street (intersection with Tan Sr. Ave- main road)? Naninita iyon, di ba? So, what happened to your security detail? It's a good thing na dumating kayo sa bahay just in time.....

    Also, iyong mga bahay sa area ng Abel Nosce St.,- marami na ring nabiktima over the years.....

    Ingat lang mga bros.


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    Feb 2008
    naka log na pumasok yung suspected car 2:30pm, dumating kami 4pm..siguro nag ikot at naghanap ng mga bahay na mabibiktima at natyempuhan na walang naka park sa garahe kaya nakapasok sa service tiwala kami na di nakapadlock.kaya ingat mga bros at kelangang nakapadlock ang labas na gate kahit pa nasa loob tayo ng mga bahay natin...dami ring kasing loko sa loob ng bf..nabiktima na rin kami bandang evangelista st. pa kami nauwi year 2000..ubos mga gamit namin sa bahay kaya ang sarap mamaril nalang ng mga ganyang klaseng tao..

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    Sep 2003
    Dapat must strict yung village when allowing non homeowners in. The least they good do is get the driver's license beside the plate number. In Greenhills, they won't let anyone in unless the homeowner confirms or leave word at the village security. Sa Valle Verde ganun rin ang procedure after maraming akyat bahay incidences.
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    Apr 2009
    dadami mga ganito lalo na karamihan sa atin madalas wala sa bahay ngayong december.. daming pupuntahan na parties. reunion etc..

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    Apr 2009
    *TS - ganyan din nangyari dito sa kapitbahay namin.. may nakapark white corolla big body. paglabas ko ng gate namin nakita ko sila kumakatok sa kapitbahay, may dala pang mga folder na hawak..

    nginitiian ko pa sila dahil napatingin sa akin then alis na ako nagpacarwash. pagbalik ko after an hour napansin ko na nakabukas ang gate nila so chineck ko..

    ayun pati main door nakabukas. putol mga rehas. limas lahat. 11a.m. nangyari

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    Jan 2009
    Ha, this is common here in BF Resort Las Pinas (BFRV LP)! The older folk around here say BFRV LP is not what it used to be and damn are they right.

    What kind of "decent" subdivision like BFRV LP allows vendors inside, aswell as salesmen, squatter kids (and adults too) etc...

    #1 The guards are totally useless here!
    #2 Due to the Friendship route, anybody can pass here, all they need to do is print the Friendship sticker off the internet (illegally) and stick it to their car!

    Our street has encountered a few akyat bahay gangs in the past, so a homeowners association was formed and we all chipped in a few hundred pesos a month to have our own guard on our street. Aba! After a few months, it came to a stop. We asked el presidente of the homeowners association why, he said, not enough people are paying on the street! This pisses me off but what can we do? Our fellow neighbors can afford their Fortuners/Starex's/Everests but can't cough up a few hundred extra each month to pay for their own security and safety. Hmmm, sometimes it's not an external problem but instead an internal problem.

    Anyway, akyat bahay gangs are common here. Sometimes we just gotta fend for ourselves and be alert 24-hours! No wonder my car insurance hasn't gone down much....

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    Nov 2009
    ingat fellow Las-Pineros... di ba sa BF Resort din yung incident na me carjacking ng isang Vios? Parang connected ata sa group na nagcarjack sa magulang ni Derek Ramsay?

    same din here sa amin sa Pilar ... nanakawan kame ng water meter pati yung ibang kapitbahay... last year yung parol na gawang kapiz hinugot sa pagkakasabit ... yung mother-in-law ko was held up habang naglalakad papuntang simbahan... me ilang purok/squatter areas kase na me access sa village kaya ang taas ng petty crimes... :hang:

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Beware of Akyat Bahay/Robbers in BF Resort LP