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    Oct 2002
    tagal na palang tapos nito hehehe.

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    Oct 2002
    hahaha... sino bang nagbuhay ng thread na ito? :D

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    Oct 2002
    si bardigones kasi...:lol:

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    Jan 2007
    ako walang alternate route kasi san juan office ko .. kaya eto nabasa ako pagkapark ko mukhang inabangan ata ako..(semi pressurized hose pa tumama waaaaaaaaa... kahit 6.10 am ako pumasok para makaiwas.. buti me baon ako extra damit hehehehe...... ang kawawa ung isang fx at taxi kanina sakto nabuksan ng mga tao ung pinto sabay binasa... kaya kung dadaan kayo make sure nakalock ang pinto ng oto niyo hehehhe

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    Oct 2002
    dapat make sure na nakalock yun sasakyan niyo, binubuksan nila mga kotse para lang mabasa yun mga nakasakay...

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    Aug 2006
    San Juan is my home town, in fact I was also a graduate of San Juan Municipal High School. Every year I ask the same question why the hell would they throw water on a total strangers? I have already witnessed several brawls, stabbings, and gun firing because of this celebration, a festive mood of so called church going people tainted with violence and inconvenience to others. Usually violence will erupt when a baby or an elderly gets wet due to uncontrolled crowds and drunken reveler.

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    Jan 2011
    yeah, I hate festivals or "fiestas" , I hate how people use it as an excuse for disrupting traffic flow for lavish street parties and for squandering money, Why cant people just celebrate their "fiestas" properly inside their homes and find a spot, like a town square of some sort to do their rituals...sorry for being such a jerk because just this day, I cant get out of my street because of the people blocking it for a basketball game on one side and a drinking spree on another...good thing it rained :D

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    Jul 2009

    ang sipag mong sumagot sa mga 2+ yr old threads ah!

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    Jan 2005
    Sa cavite city nag cecelebrate din ng basaan same date with San Juan. kaya lang dito merong nakalagay na sprinkler sa gitna ng kalye nakaconnect sa fire truck, with live band.

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    Jul 2007
    Did anyone see the videos of the San Juan Fiesta? Anarchy na anarchy. It was so scary because they were opening doors of vehicles and throwing buckets of water. I can't imagine if they did that to my vehicle, parang as good as flooded yung interior You can't be retaliate naman kasi kukuyugin nila. I feel bad for the truck drives and pahinantes. I hope they have change of clothes.

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Basaan sa San Juan