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    Aug 2006
    Have you noticed the heavy traffic caused by the movable center island placed along by MMDA just right after Buendia going to ayala...

    Perhaps there is nobody from MMDA is doing the thinking... they just doing it the trial and error way.... if it cause more traffic, then its bad.

    kaya lang, puro error and error... tsk..tsk..tsk.

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    Mar 2006
    oo nga's an experiment gone bad. parang nakakatakot tuloy dumaan dyan pag gabi

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    Mar 2005
    I like the barrier before that on the buendia side that segregates the ones coming down from the fort area... but a few people seems to realize it becomes only a two laner by the time it reaches buendia...

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    Jun 2005
    I don't like barriers in the middle of the highway. They are dangerous!!!

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    Dec 2005
    Yun sa may Edsa greenhills, parang ang luwag na nung kalsada when they removed the barriers, meron pa din konti but the parts where it's not there ang luwag. Dapat tangalin na lahat yun e, di na mamaximize yun gamit sa kalsada. Minsan ang luwag luwag dun sa bus lane tapos sa labas ang traffic.

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    Mar 2006
    Eto bang barrier na to eh ung nagcause ng accident 2-3 days ago involving an Opel Astra, Toyota, and a 10-wheeler dumptruck?

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    Mar 2005
    puwede ka hatiin nyan kung mabilis ka. hirap makita sa gabi palibot ng dumi.

    dapat kasi buses na lang talaga ang i-control. start sa screening ng drivers.

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    Oct 2004
    Also drunk drivers, idiot private vehicle drivers, wannabe boy racer, riced out vehicles(), cars with fart cannon, european car drivers, japanese car drivers, reckless drivers,.... etc etc etc


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    Oct 2002
    Basically, everyone, right? I would agree. The "law" has teeth, but the "enforcers" forgot their dentures at home.

    The Edsa Buendia/Ayala stretch is an experiment gone awry. When they removed the barriers at Connecticut, traffic moved smoothly. When they removed the barriers near the Magallanes flyover, traffic flow improved. And now they're screwing with Buendia/Ayala? Is this now part of the personal war between the Small But Terribles?

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    Dec 2003
    Dami mawasted na sasakyan kapag may mga ganyan harang harang na yan.Ayoko din ng mga concrete barriers na yan tapos kulay pink pa o kaya hindi mo na makita kapag umuulan.

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