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    Jan 2007
    I got a PM in another forum:

    From: Cliffinzz
    To: donbuggy
    Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:41 pm
    Subject: Pay attention to..

    Dear, donbuggy!

    There are viruses' activities from your computer! Highly recommend you to scan your computer for malicious and potentially unwanted software. If you do not follow this, I will have to make a complaint to your Internet Service Provider with attached log file (your IP address, etc.). If you want to find a report about your computer's security and solve every problem with it, please click here:

    http://www *total-scan*com/detected/

    This is an online service that you can use for free spyware removal. Use it to scan your computer to help protect, clean, and keep your computer running at its best. Use the free scan to check for and remove viruses, spyware, and other potentially malicious software and to find vulnerabilities or shortcomings in your Internet security.

    Thank you. Yours truly, Cliff Edwards.
    It looks similar to Description is a corrupt website and browser hijacker which urges computer users to buy the Security Tool rogue antivirus application. resembles My Computer, and appears to be a legitimate Windows interface but is in fact very misleading. poduces a fake security scan with bogus results claiming the system is infected with malware. Soon the unwary user will be urged to purchase a registered version of Security Tool. This is a blatant scam to pilfer money from hapless victims. Do not fall for this trickery and have and all threats related to Security Tool removed immediately.
    Last edited by donbuggy; February 18th, 2010 at 04:07 PM.

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    Sep 2007
    bro, ignore it. it's a SPAM. seems bagong style. i google it... results were link to forum sites. some forum admin took action on it already, like this one:

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    May 2009

    I was just wondering: bakit di na to nakikita ng mga moderators? Wrong post ito e. Dapat nasa pitstop.

    May isa din akong tinuro dati na wrong post din, hanggang ngayon nandito pa rin.

    Pero nung may nagrereklamo tungko sa fortuner thread at may nagpa-close ng isang thread dahil may isa ding na-offend na fortuner owner, closed kaagad sila at may nag-assist pa na mod.

    Hope the mods don't get offended, but it's just so blatantly obvious.

    Back to topic:

    I just ignore those kinds of messages. Pag di ko nga kilala minsan ang mga senders, erase ko kaagad e.

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    May 2009
    Here are their descriptions:

    Goon Squad HQ (37 Viewing)
    Let's make our streets safer, cleaner and more orderly. This is our advocacy! Let's use this forum for this cause. Report violators, 'kotong cops', call the attention of the proper authorities or suggest actions here.

    The Pitstop Cafe (257 Viewing)
    For non-automotive/car discussions like politics, weather, national issues, etc. For tech, gadget and business discussions, please post at the respective forums below.

Antivirus scam?