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    Oct 2010
    As per my experience... Jeepney drivers are blind, except when spotting potential passagers, and deaf, except when the sound is "Bayad po".
    Not saying walang mali yung Ambulance driver.

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    Jul 2009
    i think jeepney driver has a split second to make a decision, he heard a siren while gunning for the green light, he doesnt know where the siren is coming from,

    pag ako kasi nakakarinig ng ambulance, i stay on my lane, swlo down, then assert where is the ambulance, then change lane/signal so i can move out of the way.

    "should i gun it since im not seeing any ambulance? or should i slow down for any chance that he might pop-out on that intersection?"

    given that question, i admit theres a 40% chance i might still proceed to intersection with caution, remember its a split second decision, though i think "caution" wouldnt be enough to brake before hitting the ambulance.

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    Jan 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Accentnitox View Post
    Watch it again. The jeepney can still stop. Why? Kasi ambulance yan, so malamang may sirens and wala naman nakaharang sa view ng jeepney driver so dapat nakita nya yung ambulance. Baka nagsusukli. Hehehe or if he can't stop makakaiwas pa naman nyan e. look at the vid again.
    I've watched it like 50 times. At the high rate of speed both vehicles were approaching each other, the jeepney couln't have heard or seen the ambulance until they were several meters from the intersection box. But by then, it was already too late for the jeepney to do anything.

    Also, you cannot really tell from the CCTV coverage how loud the siren was or how visible the flashing lights were from where the jeepney was coming from, up until the last couple of seconds. Simply, the ambulance came from the wrong side of the road and attempted to ran through a stoplight. The least it could've done was slow down enough to check for approaching traffic.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by iceblueyes View Post
    As per my experience... Jeepney drivers are blind, except when spotting potential passagers, and deaf, except when the sound is "Bayad po".
    Not saying walang mali yung Ambulance driver.
    Very true indeed. Mas bulag pa sa bulag, at mas bingi pa sa bingi.

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    Nov 2010
    Ang pinakamalaking pagkakamali ng jeepney eh trying to get ahead of the yellow-red light. Talagang reckless yun. Instead of slowing down, hinataw niya like most stupid drivers would do!

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    Nov 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    I did not write the manual on emergency driving. But the maneuver done by the ambulance is a commonly employed maneuver both here and in other countries.

    The correct way to do it is (at least for the company I work for):
    1. Approach intersection with light and sirens
    2. Slow down
    3. Switch siren tone (usually from wail to yelp) or hit the air horn button. The change in siren tone breaks the monotony and should catch the attention of other road users. Sometimes we also speak over the public address system to request all vehicles to stop or let us proceed.
    4. When clear, proceed.
    5. Switch back to wail tone

    Point is, when you hear sirens and you can't fix on where its coming from, it never hurts to slow down and reassess your surroundings.

    However, motorists should also yield to an ambulance without a patient on board as a lot of us also respond to calls and without any established idea of the patient's conditions, we have to get there asap...

    This is what I did when I saw an ambulance in hurry with or without proper lightnings and or siren.

    Tabi agad lalo na kung makakaluwag at makakalusot ang ambulance. Nakaka-inis lang sa mga jeep mukhang talagang hindi nila alam na "we regular motorist should always yield to an ambulance".

    Hindi lang naman ambulance ang dapat nating pagbigyan ng daan, nandyan din ang bumbero at convo...

    Ang problema, "know how" ng mga motorista. Mas marami ang hindi nakakaalam at sa mga nakakaalam, sa mga nakakaalam meron din dyang madadamot o manhid talaga.

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Ambulance VS Jeepney - what is your take on this accident?