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    Oct 2002
    this an email from my officemate and a good friend. be warned...

    An ACT of Violence

    By now, everyone must have heard that an unfortunate event happened to me on the morning of 10/16/05.

    I was mauled by two unidentified men while I was inside a cab at the corner of Lacson and Florentino street in Manila right beside UST Hospital.

    I can tell you right now that I have a black eye, I have hematomas all over the left side of my face, my upper and lower lip was busted and that I have abrasions and bruises on my upper body.

    Unfortunately, I can't quite describe to you the mental and emotional trauma that I am currently encountering. There is always that constant paranoia and fear that at any moment I can be viciously attacked. The thousand questions running through my head, "Should I just have ignored looking at my attackers?", "Should I have fought back harder?", "Was it my fault that I was attacked?", yet these are just some of the haunting questions that bother me and lull me to sleep at night.

    It was a usual saturday after gimik cab ride but it didn't turn out to be that way. From Makati Ave I took an R and E cab because it was my usual course of action to only ride a company taxi for safety and security purposes, the other taxi cabs that I take are either EMP or MGE. I never ride the plain white taxis because of previous bad experiences with them. I also ride at the back of the taxi. Never at the passenger side beside the driver. At that time I had with me my mobile phone and my brand new laptop with me, so it was more of a practical idea to sit at the back because of space. I was on my way home the usual route from Makati being Nagtahan then Lacson then Dimasalang en route to Retiro.

    While I was on the Nagtahan Bridge I saw a black honda (we are currently tracking the plate number with LTO for legal purposes) out of the corner of my eye. It was then that I noticed that this car was trying to get close to the cab that I was in. I suddenly noticed that the black honda was right beside the cab I was riding and that the two male occupants were looking at me. (I am not familiar with the individuals in the car, I do not know them. They were 4 individuals total. 2 seating infront and another two at the back. These men looked like they were at around 20-25 years of age, obviously coming from a gimik because they were in gimik clothes, and intoxicated). I looked away hoping that they’d just stop staring,but they didn't. I looked at them again and noticed that both the individuals were already giving me the dirty finger. I raised my hand at the window trying to non verbally tell them to just let me be and leave me alone. By then the cab I was in sped up, yet I noticed that the black honda was also trying to catch up with us.

    Right after we crossed the Espana road my nightmare started.

    The black honda cut in front of the cab I was in right at the corner of Lacson and Florentino street. The two men went out of the car they were in. Instinct told me that something bad was going to happen. I initially panicked and started alerting the driver of the cab I was in. The first assailant who was driving the car tried to pry open the door on my side. I also noticed the other one kicking the door and trying to pry open the side door of the driver. I immediately locked the taxi door at the back of the driver and locked the door beside me. I was about to lock the door on the passenger seat beside the driver but I was too late.

    The assailant pushed the passenger seat upfront then he started throwing punches at me. I was able to block his first two blows. I then thought of pushing the passenger seat upfront to deter the assailant from throwing more punches but I was too late. By the third blow he was able to connect with the side of my lip. I tried to push him away. All I could hear was profanities from him. I was too dumbfounded by the shock of what was happening. What was running through my mind at that time was that these guys were in a car. I needed to remember and memorize the car plate and the make of the car. (As stated in my medical records, almost all of my hits were at the left side of my face and head). It was then that the second assailant also threw punches at me. (Hitting me on the right side of my chest)

    All that time all I was screaming was "Tama na! Ano bang ginawa ko?" (Stop It! What did I do to you?") Then the driver of the cab I was in, who probably recovered from the shock of the incident, started honking and a car at our back started to honk too. Bystanders already started to approach the cab to help me. Right then someone from the honda stepped out and motioned something to the assailants. Both the assailants fled the scene and drove off. I was in the cab, in a state of shock and trauma, with my lip bleeding. I was just thankful to God that I was not stabbed, shot at or even worse...killed.

    Right after, the cab driver had the consciousness to use his communication tool to get in touch with their radio dispatch.

    All throughout the ordeal I thought I was either going to be robbed, stabbed or shot at. I was in a state of shock that I forgot to go to the nearest police station to have it reported or even go to the nearest hospital to get myself checked out immediately. I couldn't phone my friends or family because I didn't have enough battery in my mobile phone. I was so much in despair and thought that at that time I had no one to turn to.

    It was only after a day that I was back in the realm of real consciousness. Good thing I had the sense of taking pictures of my bruises and my face. I got in touch with friends and asked for help. I went back to the area and had my case filed in the police station. Currently, I am gathering all the data I need to push for a criminal case against my assailants. All Im waiting for is the data I need about the car, its owner and then I can already file the case in the Regional Trial Court.

    With this ordeal I learned a lot of things.

    1. Always lock ALL the doors of cabs or cars that you get yourself into. No matter what.

    2. Try to go home with friends. If possible, have someone drop you off at your house. Safety in numbers.

    3. Always ensure that your mobile phone is charged at all times.

    4. Trust your instinct. If your instinct tells you to run from a situation then leave.

    5. Report to the police immediately. Get a medico legal if ever you are physically hurt. These are data that you can use in the future.

    6. A great support system is needed to save yourself from your sanity, that is why I am thankful to God that I have wonderful friends who are supporting me in this ordeal.

    7. Learn to fight for your rights. No one deserves to be physically hurt. An act of violence is never normal.

    I am trying to live a normal life after that violent incident I encountered. I know that my outlook in life will never be the same but all I can do is pick up the pieces and start all over again. I will continue to fight for justice for what happened to me.

    Please continue to pray for me.

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    Mar 2005
    baka frat hazing ...

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    Sep 2005
    Bad trip yan! May nangyari din ganyan sa friend ko. Here's a quick summary:

    My best friend is on his way home on saturday night. Mga 1 am na yata yun, galing sa gimik. Lakad lang sya as usual. Then along Vito Cruz Ext. in Makati, about two blocks away sa mga bahay namin (kapit bahay ko din kse sya eh) tapos may humintong 2004 na Civic color Gold. 5 male occupants with 4 aged 16-21 yrs old and and older guy aged 20-30 yrs old. All five went out of the car and stole my best friend's 3210 and 3310 (na sira), his wallet na Php20 lang laman and (at hindi pinatawad) yung mga susi nya! Mga mukang sabog sila tapos the older guy hit my friend with a 45 caliber pistol on his head resulting to stiches on his head. Then the assailants sped off leaving my friend penniless (buti na lang two blocks away sya sa bahay namin). Then he went to my place so I took him to Makati Med for the stiches. Puro dugo sya nun.

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    Jul 2005
    i feel bad for u man, a real scary scenario....i hate to hear horrible stories like this, attacking somebody na walang kalabanlaban such a cowardish/ barbaric act, trying to hurt somebody,,they think they're tough..sana mahuli mo, eto un mga taong sarap anitan ng buhay.

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    Oct 2002
    parang napaka-random naman nito

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    Sep 2005
    Malamang mga sabog nga ang mga 'yun... at na-"offend" at na-misinterpret ang hand signal ng friend mo. I emphatize with your friend. Thanks for the info... to let us be more aware of these bad/unfortunate incidents which usually goes unreported. I pray that your friend recovers soonest from the incident.

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    Sep 2005
    how sad, violence is not the way to prove one's toughness......

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    Dec 2003
    thats the reason i avoid going home early morning if di ko kasama ang barkada. even if you drive your own car this could still happen.

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    Feb 2005
    No one is safe anymore.

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    Jun 2005
    Maybe your friend has done something, unwittingly, while nasa gimikan sila that provoked his attackers, then followed him and eventually attacked him. Or posibleng nakursunadahan lang sya - a case of "at the wrong place at wrong time". I hope he recovers soonest.

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An ACT of Violence