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    Oct 2005
    Pag nahihilo kana sa sobrang tagtag when driving your car then it is too low.

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    Oct 2007
    never had any problems with mine.. ang auto ko dropped ng 3 inches in the back and front i never had any problems with handling, actually it handles better cause its low to the ground and i have 19 inch rims 245-35 kumho ventus.. it handles like an f-1 racer kasi ang baba talaga... but walan g pwedeng sumakay sa likod............sasayad ako pag me dip yung kalsada.. yung lang ang downside ko.....and it also depends on what kind of suspension you have in your car...

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    Oct 2007
    it depends too if your racing car that's too heavy............and packing a lot of system in his car.. but most of the time its on the driver too.... if he's too careful to shift then he can lose but if he's a gunslinger and doesn't really care well that's another story..........

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    Oct 2002
    ^the guy lives in the philippines. much rougher roads, more road hazards (like the aforementioned super-tall speed bumps)'s very different from the flat, smooth, well-maintained highways of Houston.

    also a slammed (3+ inches lowering) car on 19's actually handles/performs worse...although it probably feels better because of the stiffer rating/valving of the springs and shocks.

    also, a word on hydraulics - these things will completely ruin the frame of your car in time. the guys in the show cars don't care, but i guarantee your daily driven, primary car will handle/ride terribly and not last as long as you want it to if you install hydraulics.

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    Oct 2004
    The car is lowered properly using a kit that includes lowering springs and shocks so handling should be improved. I'm wondering if ground clearance will be an issue since the chin spoiler has around 6.5" of clearance. I realize this isn't really "slammed" but I'm also wondering about the "sayad" likelihood. The car is only about to see the road as it is still in the shop....just wondering aloud.....

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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Very slowly.

    I once out-dragged a Honda SiR with my Nissan Sentra.

    My stock, automatic Nissan Sentra. Which gets to 60 mph in all of 14 seconds.

    And he was really trying, too. Revved the nuts off his engine... nearly had me in first gear... then I passed him like he was standing still.

    See, he was lowered so bad that he was just three or four inches off the ground. He had to slow down to zero km/h for a very slight (as in, six inches high, slope of just 20-25 degrees) hump. I just drove over it at full speed.
    my dad's A/T ford lynx battled against a lowered 3-door hatchback honda civic. napahiya ung civic sa hump.

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    Jul 2006
    meroon kaming 1981 toyota corona, kapag inupuan, nagiging lowered. salpok tuloy lagi sa humps. may remedy ba rito other than lift?

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    Nov 2006
    ^^ ah, palit shocks?

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    Nov 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Camgen6 View Post
    Pag nahihilo kana sa sobrang tagtag when driving your car then it is too low.
    lowered ride height does not always lead to a harsh ride... some springs offer a lower stance without compromising the comfort level of the stock suspension. It all depends on the spring rate.

    Quote Originally Posted by chuaed View Post
    kapag lowered na car mo hindi ka na makapag sakay ng tao sa likod, tapos maging matag tag ang kotse mo, at asahan mo sayad abutin sa undercarriage ng kotse mo...

    naku naiwan skirts, lip, muffler... sabay !*#$%

    sayang pera...

    again, a properly lowered suspension would be able to maintain the stock compression rate and spring rate. Progressive coil lowering springs are capable of maintaining a smooth ride and the amount of compression if paired with the right damper/shock.

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    Aug 2004
    6.5" is okay... but you might still have to zigzag over some humps.

    Heck, yung stock Jazz 1.5 sumasayad sa mga ibang humps... grrrr....

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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