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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by chuaed View Post
    magkanu na ba mazda 3 ngayon? nas 800k dba?

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer View Post
    paj 2.5! mas pogi pero dagdag budget
    hehehe...di ba halata na bias ako? :D

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    Dec 2003
    ah hindi naman :bwahaha: :D

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    Aug 2005
    matrix crdi, may mga nakakasabay ako sa daan pagbumibiyahe ako puntang norte. mabilis din.

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    thats the best value i can give, diesel, wala pa naman ako nadidining na matrix crdi woes, and good investment until, aminin mo, ako dumaan dyan, habang tumatanda si baby, mas kokonti na gamit na dadalhin mo...wala kasi noong crdi matrix, kaya bagsak ako sa delica then sa liteace ko aug.8,2008 plano pa sundan,e...

    pwede din zukAPV, pero, kung siya magdadala most of the time, masdaling sipatin ang matrix from the cockpit...

    ang prob sa sedan, lalo na kung may baby, ung stroller!, kahit sabihin nating umbrella type yan, malaki din space kakainin sa trunk.wagons are more practical talaga, e mahirap sa wagon, mahahaba, so bagsak mo jazz/getz/matrix.... sa batch matrix pinaka malki, plus, flat fold un likod, semi walk-tru layout pa!

    for me practicality come first before the brand.. para lang yan bakit mo pipiliting kumain ng kimchi e masmasarap pa ang chopseuy!

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    Oct 2005
    Getz diesel for me!

    Getz has decent equipment, size of cabin and even the trunk, good power and fuel effiency. also, the diesel powerplant should cure fears of low resale cause generally, diesel cars in our country commands higher resale. and btw, its no ordinary diesel too. one of the most modern in designs. ;)


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    Oct 2006
    hmmm.. parang gsto ko na ng matrix... called hyndai btw.. its 698k... tignan ko muna kung fi2t sa budget...

    pag nde getz...

    close suzuki pro im interested also sa APV.. how much ba un?

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    di nagkakalayo sa matrix..ung matic na fully loaded w/ dual aircon... bare ang manual...

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    Oct 2005

    P 698,000

    Hyundai Matrix CRDi
    1.5L CRDi VGT 102hp 235NM

    -bigger cabin
    -diesel frugality
    -independent Multi-link rear suspension
    -decent features (Silver accents; 60/40 split-fold-sliding-tumbling rear seat with under seat floor tray; center-mounted instrumentation; seat back trays; front under seat floor tray; rear cargo cover with net plus all power features and CD/MP3/Aux capable stereo.)
    -more versatility of luggage
    -if you like even more luggage, the roof can accept a luggage carrier aka roof racks.

    P 628,000

    Hyundai Getz CRDi
    1.5L CRDi VGT 102hp 235NM

    -same engine, so it would be more fuel efficient cos its smaller
    -twist beam axle suspension
    -smaller but still decent cabin
    -lacks interior features of the Matrix except for the 60/40 seats
    -all power features too plus the CD/MP3 player stereo.

    ...if you sum it up, mas value nga talaga ang Matrix. for just a 70k hike, you get better Stereo with Aux capable, alloy wheels instead of just the pretty wheelcovers, independent Multi-link suspension (shared with Tucson) and bigger cabin space and thoughtful interior features.

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    Aug 2004
    Ouch... 698k na ang Matrix... ouch!

    Personally, five in the family, most subcompacts (Vios, Getz, Picanto, City, etc) will be kinda small if you're carrying baby stuff. Put a proper child seat in the middle of the back for your baby and the two passengers sitting beside it will be squashed up against the windows!

    Bring your family when you go shopping, and, ridiculous as this may sound, bring your stroller-child seat (you can get a decent stroller-child seat combo for 7k) to see if it fits.

    I usually carry four people + 1 baby + tons of baby items (crib, stroller, diapers, sterilizer, etc...), and we just fit exactly in my four door compact sedan (Lynx). I don't think I could do the same thing in a subcompact, unless it was a new Honda City (huge 500 liter trunk, you can carry two dead bodies in there... oops, did I just say that? ).

    The Suzuki APV has lots of space, there's a cheap version (under 600k), and it's good looking. Only issue is fuel consumption in the Metro, between 7-8 km/l (10 km/l+ on highway), because it's a 1.6 liter gas engine carrying a tall body. Suffice to say, don't get an automatic. If it came in diesel, it'd be perfect. If the slightly high consumption doesn't bother you, this is a great family commuter... cute, practical and fun.

    The Matrix is probably the best fit for you, brand new. It's still priced reasonably, and offers compact car space in a subcompact footprint. Tipid sa diesel, and your kids will love the panoramic windows.

    The Getz is cute, but kinda tight for five... try it out, though, if you fit, go ahead and get it. I want one myself, but it's not a practical size for me.

    I've heard no bad news from Picanto, Getz and Matrix owners so far... nor Vios or Altis owners. You could probably get a secondhand Altis within your budget that will do everything you need, and won't cost a lot in fuel or maintenance.

    City/Jazz? Expensive. And before anyone comes in with the lemon complaint, let me just say: inspect the unit very carefully before buying it, to avoid trim issues. In terms of engine/transmission, though, these are the best gas-powered economy cars you can buy... and the Jazz is lots of fun.

    You might want to wait and look at the Toyota Avanza. Seats seven, though the third row is kinda small. It's gasoline only, but Toyota will be releasing 1.3 liter versions (should get 9-10 km/l in the city). They'll have 1.3 units within your budget, but there might be a long waiting list when it comes out.

    RE: BMW or bigger cars secondhand? Buy a big car, spend big money in maintenance (been there, done that). Okay if you're an enthusiast or a car-lover, but if you're using this as a family-mobile, practicality first.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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