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    Aug 2004
    My .02, pero anggaling na ng na-post no jimaroquai:

    Gas vs. Diesel is no small thing, but the diesel vehicles you can buy for under 200k are bound to be pre-combustion oil-guzzlers. Most recent sedans will drink lightly (8-10km/l, depending on conditions) and will have engines that are cheaper to maintain.

    Also, to the original poster: 170k isn't realistic. I just bought a 160k car with the full realization that I would spend another 20k to make it perfectly reliable. I've spent 4-5k so far (plus 10k for really really nice tires, but that wasn't needed) and I still need to buy an AC compressor. At 170k, look for a car at 160k in good running condition, to be safe.

    A 626 (basta WAG AUTOMATIC) is a nice car, but just out of your budget. So is an Altima. But these cars have more expensive parts than the smaller sedans, and if the previous owner hasn't fixed or cared for the suspension, clutch and brake kits, kawawa ka. Same goes for any old, big car (Galant (front ball-joints), Accord (clutch and tranny on the auto, as I can remember), etc.). A 626 can return 7-10 km/l (typically 8, even with highway running in your daily route) when you've got it running right, with good oil and gas, but it's not as economical as a 1.6.

    An old Sentra or a Mazda fits in the budget, but you've got to make sure there's nothing wrong with the car. Check the suspension on the Sentra and the AC. It's got the best AC, but if the compressor is going, it's very expensive to fix compared to others... you might have to swap to a cheaper but less cool one.

    For Mazdas, you'll have to ask Protegetech... the thing you have to look for on the last gen ones are wheel bearings and bushings, I think... and try not to buy an AT. (hell, don't even buy an old AT Accord... agh!). Mazda 1.6s are a little on the thirsty side, but it's not as bad as Chevy/Daewoos.

    To wit. Try to budget at least 200k. Even if you get a 170k car, you'll need that much in reserve to cover every potential problem within the first 6 months. If you spend a lot up front, use good parts, the running will be good for the next 2 years at least.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    P170k ba kamo ang budget mo? I'm selling my wife's 1993 Corona AT for that price.

    PM me if you're interested.

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    Oct 2005
    hello guys! due to some unavoidable circumstances, my budget suddenly depleted... i was hoping that some of you could help me look for a proper car for my very limited budget. i only got 125K, is it possible for me to find a nice and dependable car for that small budget? charade and kia is out of my option, for they may look awkward for me bcoz i'm a bit fat. can i get a '92 sentra eccs or '90-'92 corolla gl for 125K? my main concern is to get a reliable car that is power steering/window, very good running cond., smooth paint, very good body cond., fresh in/out, good suspension (walang kalampag), with cool a/c, and if possible, dressed with 15" mags. anyone who has something to share with me can text or call me on #0915-5672235. thank's in advance. and god bless to all motorist... drive safely...

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    Oct 2005
    we used to have a 626 AT...damn i really love that car, too bad it has to go...=(

    the best that i could do as far as fuel eco is concerned is 7km/l city but its really tipid mode na. the worst is 4km/l. 626s are pretty nice car. too bad this market underrated it...low resale but its really nice car. parts are easy to find in banawe as far as our experience is concerned.

    for your new budget, i suggest you get a sentra 1.6SS "eccs". i just saw from the other forum a for sale one and it seems nice.

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