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    Jan 2010
    Hi people. I admire how the 2010 Ford Escape looks when I see them driven on the road. But it's going to be my first time to be getting a Ford. If I ask Ford cars sales men, they will give me their sales pitch answers to promote the car.

    I would like to ask people who owns a Ford Escape (especially 2010) about the car... Please tell me about the drive, response, fuel consumption, likes, and dislikes... anything there is about the car.

    Help me be 100% decided on purchasing a Ford Escape

    Many many thanks!

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    Jan 2010

    Please visit to get opinions from escape owners. In case you decide on purchasing one, please do contact me.



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    Aug 2004
    You can check out , lots of Escape owners there.

    It's a good car. Better ride comfort than the CR-V, and more spacious than the current Sportage/Tucson... though the Tucson ix is now closer in size to it. The engines have a fair bit of torque and it's easy to drive.

    Downsides: Old car, merely facelifted, and the 4-speed automatic means it isn't quite as fuel efficient as the current CR-V and Tucson, which have a 5-speed AT and a 6-speed AT, respectively.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2006
    Why get an old & outgoing model? The escape is a gas guzzler & i think the oldest in its class ..
    I suggest you hunt for other girls around with lots of goddies
    there's Ms. CR-V , Ms. Grand Vitara , Ms. Outlander , Ms. Captiva & the talk of the town Ms. Tucson IX

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    Aug 2004
    Grand Vitara, older, Outlander, also old... neither terribly fuel efficient.

    Captiva... well... I don't know about efficiency, but GMDAT transmissions suck eggs.

    The CR-V and the Tucson are the only gasoline compacts to consider if you're talking fuel efficiency... and even then, it's more noticeable on the highway, where their extra overdrive gears come into play.

    And, to reiterate... the Escape may be old, but ride comfort is excellent for the class. And unlike other "soft" cars, handling doesn't suffer due to the soft ride. Our CR-V rides like a skateboard at times (current gen 2.4 AWD).

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2009
    actually sir was not really impressed by the ford escape. dont get me wrong we have a ford everest 2006 model. and it really rocks. but as far as my opinion is concerned the ford escape came last when our family chose to test drive all the compact suv in the market. my ratings were:

    1.) 2009 subaru foresterXT (the one we bought, talked my dad into getting it most exciting and fun to drive 227Hp and 320torque)
    2.) Rav4 (most elegant and best interior finish)
    3.) Outlander (goodlooking but... average interior finish)
    4.) CRV (most practical and easiest to live with. its for peeps who love steady driving)
    5.) Escape (the only thing that steered us looking at escape is its price 960K that time. same price as our civic fd in a suv package. but its nice if u look for practility.)


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    Oct 2002
    Lots of dealer incentives/discounts since its not a new model.

    Being an older platform, madaming parts available (though I still can't find that darn thermostat knob).

    The Escape isn't anything special but it gets the job done.

    The radio has an AUX in but you have to remove the radio to insert an RCA to baby jack cable (or iPod composite cable). Banawe or your dealer can do this for you.

    Not really fuel efficient but so is everything else in the segment.

    AFAIK, low theft rate for this model.
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    Oct 2008
    sana mag labas naman cla ng all new

    parati na lng bine belo eh

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    Nov 2009
    bka eto daw po ung papalit sa ford escape...

Help me decide... I'm just 90% for a Ford 2010 Escape 4x2