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    Mar 2004
    The Outlander is more like a crossover vehicle. Design and suspension is based on a car instead of a truck. Advantage is lower center of gravity and suspension that is tuned for city driving.

    Yeah, outlander is a 5-seater. The Ford FreeStyle is interesting though. Wonder if Ford will bring it here.

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    Jul 2004
    Ok naman ang hatak ng everest. I find it strong. We have an m/t 4x2 version. Don't know lang sa a/t 4x4. But i think na malakas pa din yan!

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    Nov 2002
    i dropped by Ford Edsa kanina.. around 4:30.. and asked for a test drive on the Everest A/T... napagbigyan naman .. and i find it really to my liking... from a complete stop... it accelerates and shifts at around 2500 rpm... just like how i shift on my ford ranger... i'm hoping this is a good indication na hindi sya nag shi shift at a very high rpm (3000 or 4000 rpm range) just like the A/T gasoline engine autos i've driven... although i'm not sure if this is really a characteristic of transmissions on diesel engine vehicles... ganun din ba sa nissan frontier?

    the sales staff at Ford Edsa says fuel consumption should average about 8kms/liter... when the plant says its at around 11kms/liter... okay na rin to sa akin... sa ranger ko i seldom go below 8kms/liter but that's a manual.. ..

    really have to decide whether to get the 8 (4.x2) or the 16(4x4).. but definitely the A/T is a good choice

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    Aug 2009
    mga pare konting advice kung paano gawin e balik ang keyless entry code ng everest ko model 2005 A/T. nagpalit kasi ako ng battery at tapos ay hindi na gumana ang remote, please help me..maraming salamat in advance.

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